Accident on excursion

The kids went to Snow City today with their teachers and peers.. They were told to be in long pants and to bring along a jacket..

Both were excited about the trip and we sent them to the ccc slightly after 9am. We were late.. My bad as I’ve accidentally set the alarm at 7.59am instead of 7.00am.. Sigh.. Mad rush but the bus would leave at 9.25am so we could still make it.. While rushing the kids, l told them to be quick or the bus would leave without them.. My darling girl took her time and even said we could send them to Snow City if they missed the bus.. [roll eyes…]

Anyway, after we sent them to the CCC, we went for our facial and massage appointment..

On our way back, I received a call.. It was 边老师.. she said Jovan fell and hurt the left side of his face.. we decided to drop by to see him before we go for lunch..

He was having his lunch and Ms Eunice recounted the incident to us.. he slipped while climbing some steps and hit his face on an ice block or something like that.. he looked ok despite his injuries..


Apparently, the staff at Snow City also applied some ointment on his wounds.. he said he didn’t cry.. what an adventure..