First loose milk tooth

We were shopping at Giant today when I noticed a gap between 2 of Jovan’s lower teeth..

Pointed it out to hubby but we both couldn’t think of a good reason why the teeth would move apart from each other.. We just reminded him to brush his teeth more thoroughly every day..

When we got home, Jovan came excitedly to tell me that one of his teeth was loose!

I got a little excited and asked him to show me his loose tooth..


Can you see the gap between 2 of his lower teeth? The one on the right (our view) was the loose tooth.. He shook it a little to show me then said he’s very excited about the loose tooth.. I guess he has seen many of his peers who had lost a tooth or two and was expecting his milk teeth to start dropping too!

On our way to dinner, he mentioned his loose milk tooth again so I told him to be careful when taking his meals so he wouldn’t swallow his own tooth.. I then told him to keep his tooth if it dropped so he could put it under his pillow.. The tooth fairy would then reward him with some money.. He mentioned about sharing the money with Jocelle (sweet, right?) but I told him the amount he would receive would depend on how clean his tooth was..

Then when I mentioned that the tooth fairy would collect his tooth, he unexpectedly told us he didn’t want the money and that he wanted to keep his baby tooth himself! I was surprised that he was not interested in the reward! Hee..

Well, we’ll see if he changes his mind when his milk tooth drops..


Siem Reap 2014 Part 2


We woke up fairly late on day three as we had a long day on day two.. We had a breakfast at the hotel before we went to Old Market..


We then had Khmer BBQ for lunch…

BBQ crocodile meat?!

BBQ crocodile meat?!

Then we took a USD3 tuk-tuk to the Angkor National Museum..

A respite from the heat..

A respite from the heat..

More history lessons...

More history lessons…

We then walked to the Lucky Burger fast food restaurant in the Lucky Mall to have our dinner.. I actually ordered Mushroom Burger but was given a Shrimp burger so I ended up eating the burger bun with some lettuce and fries..

Will we get lucky?

Will we get lucky?

Then we walked for about 10-15min to watch Phare, the Cambodian Circus to watch Preu (Chills). We learnt about the social mission of Phare Performing Social Enterprise during the show and found it a meaningful way to help the youths in Cambodia.. The cast put in a lot of hard work and put up an entertaining show which we enjoyed very much.. Please do show your support if you visit Siem Reap in future.. I’m sure you’ll find it meaningful too.. 



Fans were also provided in case it was warm but we didn’t have to use them as there were many fans to keep the place cool.. We even had a photo with the fun-loving cast after the show!



We took another tuk-tuk back to our hotel that night and had a good rest that night..

On day 4, we shopped at Hard Rock, Old Market and Pub Street in the morning before we visited the War Museum to find out more about the more recent history about the Khmer Empire and Khmer Rouge..

Who's Pol Pot?

Who’s Pol Pot?

Our volunteer guide is a captain who had lost a leg during the four-year period and it was really heartrending to hear his stories..


img1417760993671 img1417761104191After that, we went to the Killing Fields Memorial at Wat Thmey.. It’s a small place and we didn’t take long to walk around the area..  But it would have been better if there was a guide to tell us more..


After a walk about there, we took the tuk-tuk back to our hotel and had cup noodles for dinner before we enjoyed a 2-hour Khmer massage at USD16 each.. A good way to end the fourth day of our trip..

On the last day, we lazed around in our room in the morning and did some last minute shopping at Old Market before we had lunch..


It was a short trip but we both enjoyed ourselves as we could see things at a different perspective and engage ourselves in some in-depth discussions without the interruption of our 2 darlings.. I guess we could have planned more activities for the trip but I think it’s good to slow down a little at times and just enjoy each other’s company..