Bandung Nov 2014 Part 3

We had many activities planned for today and our first stop was to a hot spring..

According to the itinerary, we could choose to swim in the hot spring or just dip our feet into the hot spring so most of us expected a pool of water where we could just dip our feet into.. We didn’t bring our swimwear, thinking that it would be difficult to change if we were to swim..

But alas, when we reached the Sari Ater Hot Spring, we realised it’s actually a resort where we could try a whole range of activities! We could actually spend an entire day here!

We first dipped our feet into some hot pools..



Some of us also tried the fish spa..


As we’ve tried fish spa before, we decided to try out their archery..


The photos of the men were taken by me while the one of me was taken by my dear husband.. You can tell who’s a better photographer ya? Sigh..

After that, we walked around and stopped for some snacks..


The food there was really cheap and nice!

Next on, we went to try their ATV ride.. I expected more to want to try but it ended up with only the 4 of us trying!


It was fun!

It started to drizzle when we decided to move on to our next destination, which was the Floating Market but we stopped by a coffee place for a break..


As we were about to leave the place, it started drizzling again so we decided to skip the Floating Market and move on to De’Ranch at Lembang..

We had a welcome drink that was included in the entrance fee..


Then it started to drizzle again.. Sigh.. We bought some snacks while waiting for the weather to turn better..


Their tauhu snacks were really good! Jocelle asked for cotton candy too..

Again, we took some photos while waiting..


There’s simply too much to do, don’t you think?

Finally, we decided to just let the kids go ahead with the horse rides when the rain was less heavy..



The rest took a horse carriage ride too!



Actually, I kind of pity the horses pulling the carriages in the rain although they were wearing ‘raincoats’..

Anyway, after we’ve had our fun, we decided to skip Dusun Bambu, an eco park where we were supposed to have lunch as the rain was getting rather heavy..

We went for dinner at another local restaurant before we went for our massage..

The food was not as good as the previous one we had and Elyssa broke a cup during dinner.. Nic was upset when he was asked to pay for the broken cup..

After dinner, we proceeded to Ola Family Spa where we all had either foot or body massage.. I shared a room with Jocelle while Shum shared one with Jovan..

The kids enjoyed the massage so much that both fell asleep and didn’t want to wake up!


It’s a place I would recommend all to go since it’s family-friendly and cheap!

Next, we asked the replacement driver to bring us shopping but he brought us to a batik shop.. We shopped a while before we proceeded to another factory outlet which was a disappointment. That was when I WhatsApped Kosim to ask him if there was a better shopping area.. He communicated with the replacement driver who then drove us to another shopping centre which was way better..

Of course, we had to snack.. Hee..


After some shopping, we again stopped by a minimart to get some food.. We bought cheap Magnum and martabak for supper too… Hee..


Time to call it a day! But not before the kids talked about their experience earlier..


Haha.. Like real only!


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