Bandung Nov 2014 Part 2

We woke up early today despite going to bed close to 2am last night.

We had some bread or cup noodles that we bought at the minimart last night.. Then we started our journey to Kawah Putih, a white volcanic crater lake that had been dormant since 1600..

Traffic was heavy and it was a long way so we were glad to stop for a break at a minimart..


Most of us took a nap in the van to catch up on our lost sleep the previous night.. Think the entire journey took about 3 hours!

When we finally reached the place, we prepared ourselves with mask to block off some of the sulphur smell..


It’s cool up here so we were glad to be prepared with cardigans and jackets… It’s not something we can see at home so it’s good to be there although it would have been better if we were to visit on a weekday when traffic would be less heavy.. The long journey would be unbearable for some.. We took some photos before we headed back to the ticket point for some refreshments..





It started to drizzle when we started to move off to our next destination, Situ Patenggang, a freshwater lake so we were glad to have booked a van..


Before we boarded the boat, we bought some fried tauhu and fried bananas that cost about 10¢ each! They were cheap and delicious, especially the tauhu!

The lake was not very spectacular and we went there based on the driver’s itinerary.. There was a famous Lover’s Stone but we were not really interested in it.. Hee..


After the long boat ride, we made our way to a local restaurant for our lunch and we reached there after 3pm! It started to rain again while we waited for our lunch..

The food was good!


After lunch, it was pouring as we made our way to Rumah Mode, a famous shopping area.. It was a long journey due to the heavy traffic so again, it would have been better if we were to come on a weekday.. We shopped till close to 10pm and even had dinner at a cafe there as it was rather late and we didn’t want to travel again to the restaurant recommended by the driver.. Think our bums couldn’t take anymore long rides to anywhere!

We called it a day after dinner and went back to the villa after a short stopover at a minimart.. It was indeed a very long day..


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