Bandung Nov 2014 Part 1

This trip materialised cos we couldn’t book the Bintan villa.. everything was decided very close to the date and the villa was booked just about 5 days before the trip.. and we confirmed the driver about 3 days before the trip!

We took a late flight cos some of us could not take leave.. we reached Bandung at about midnight and the driver was waiting for us with 2 mpv on standby.. His name is Kosim and his contact number is +62 813-2290-9345 if you are interested.. he’s a nice guy who even bought a local sim card for me at 50.000IDR.. however, he was only able to pick and send us to and fro the airport.. Guess he was overbooked but he also mentioned that his son was unwell and had to go for an operation.. My bro and sis thought it was just an excuse but I chose to give him the benefit of doubt..

Anyway, we reached our villa at about 1am.. It was huge with 5 bedrooms.. Just right for us since my bro always preferred to sleep in the living room with the company of the TV through the night.. Hee..

Here are some photos of the villa…


1st floor 'reception' area


2nd floor entertainment room


View of small kitchen




The pool at night




View from balcony


Kids getting comfy

As it was rather late, we decided to let the kids sleep right after we changed them into their pyjamas..

We took the biggest bedroom which had a sofa bed in addition to a king size bed..


All ready to sleep


That’s all for today.. Will update more about day two soon…


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