Update on the kiddos’ weights

For the record, Jovan is 19.8kg now and Jocelle is 16.5kg now. Not sure if they are of a good weight but I guess it’s morr important that they’re healthy and happy children. Hee..


Tooth Decay

Jovan came back from the ccc last week with this..


We had missed our half yearly dental appointment due to our holiday in June.. hmm.. since it’s tooth decay, we didn’t want to wait.. I also thought we should get this fixed before our trip to Bali next weekend..

Hubby took childcare leave on Wednesday to bring him to the dentist.. this was his update over whatsapp..


I expected only one decaying tooth but was shocked to find out that he had 6 affected teeth! Thankfully, these are all milk teeth.. need to reinforce the importance of proper brushing and it’s a good reason for him to cut down on junk food although we really don’t indulge them.. I guess proper brushing is still more important.

Anyway, I’m quite glad we have a good and cheap dental clinic near our place as I realised the rates there are really cheaper. Look at the rates stated on the flyer given by the dentist who checked Jovan’s teeth at the ccc…


Think the resr of us need to go to the dentist soon!

Teachers’ Day cupcakes

Decided to just bake some cupcakes for the teachers at the CCC.. Got some lovely toppings from CuppyCakes that made it so much easier.. I’m not very good at frosting so the cupcakes don’t usually look nice when I try to top them with frostings.. So these cupcake toppers were life savers!


I just baked the cupcakes and topped them with some cream cheese which didn’t look very pretty.. But once I placed the cupcake toppers, they looked so pro!! Hee..