Jovan’s received quite a few Lego toys for his birthday so I thought of getting a glass display cabinet before he started working on the bigger ones… we should have thought of this earlier as we didn’t display his Lego sets that were fixed previously and they had ended up with missing parts..

Anyway, we went to Ikea last week to shop for the glass cabinet although the man was a little reluctant as he was quite concerned about the kids breaking the glass.. As we shopped, he actually found something else which he liked.. He was drawn to a shelf which he thought would be suitable for them to place their bags.. They have too many bags for too many purposes.. Haha.. So we need to do something about the clutter near our dining table..

The man carried the cabinet and shelf all the way back himself although I helped to assemble the items.. Hee.. Ta da!!

We like how they look and we’re planning to buy another one of each.. Hee.. But actually the man is still not very willing to get another glass cabinet but I’m sure this alone is not enough for the Lego sets that Jovan will be assembling.. Hmm.. We’ll see..