Bought these erasers from the bookshop just now.. I remember buying these erasers when I was a primary school pupil and we would exchange with others when we have more than 1 of the same country flag..

I was excited when I saw them at the bookshop at The Central.. I bought a box of 48 pieces for $6.90. I thought there would be flags of 48 countries but I was wrong.. Many of them were repeated.. For example, there were 3 Singapore and Germany flags each so there were less than 20 different flags that I could introduce to the kids. I’m not very good at recognising the country flags, especially those that are not within Asia.. There were no Japan, China and South Korea flags too.. A bit of a disappointment but I thought it’s still a good buy since the kids can use the erasers and they can be introduced to flags of countries like Latvia, Nicaragua and Bolivia..

Hopefully I can find some time to do some research about the various countries so we can all learn more about these countries..

However, I still think it would be cool to collect as many different country flag erasers as possible. Does anyone know where I can find them?