Rings of bliss

‘Be careful not to lose it again huh?” the man reminded me..

I didn’t mean to lose my wedding band.. really.. I told him to remind me but apparently he didn’t hear me.. ok.. I realised I didn’t blog about that.. anyway, I lost my engagement ring and wedding band during my trip to Korea in Dec 2013.. sigh… I had removed my rings before I showered the kids that night and placed them above the coffee counter in our room and as we were in a rush to check out the following day, I actually forgot to put my rings on.. and by the time I remembered, it was too late.. someone must have taken the rings as the hotel said someone had checked into the same room and it would be rude of them to request to check the room.. to summarise, I lost my rings..

It was a pity that I had to lose them but what can I do? I even made a police report at the Gangnam Police Station.. sigh..

Anyway, we actually got another pair of rings from Love & Co in May and we collected them last night.. It’s just about time since we’ve been talking about getting another pair since there were many scratches on our wedding band.. also, we’ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in 3 months and 11 days’ time.. so this pair of rings marks 10 years of our marriage.. and no, we didn’t wait till November.. We’re wearing the rings now.. hee..

10th anniversary rings...

10th anniversary rings…



Jovan’s received quite a few Lego toys for his birthday so I thought of getting a glass display cabinet before he started working on the bigger ones… we should have thought of this earlier as we didn’t display his Lego sets that were fixed previously and they had ended up with missing parts..

Anyway, we went to Ikea last week to shop for the glass cabinet although the man was a little reluctant as he was quite concerned about the kids breaking the glass.. As we shopped, he actually found something else which he liked.. He was drawn to a shelf which he thought would be suitable for them to place their bags.. They have too many bags for too many purposes.. Haha.. So we need to do something about the clutter near our dining table..

The man carried the cabinet and shelf all the way back himself although I helped to assemble the items.. Hee.. Ta da!!

We like how they look and we’re planning to buy another one of each.. Hee.. But actually the man is still not very willing to get another glass cabinet but I’m sure this alone is not enough for the Lego sets that Jovan will be assembling.. Hmm.. We’ll see..


It’s been a year since I’ve written any post on his Chinese spelling..

This term, the words that Jovan had to learn for his chinese spelling was much more difficult that those he had to learn last year!

I didn’t actually focus on teaching him to write the Chinese characters for 听写 as his Chinese teacher usually gave him sufficient practice and he had always been doing better in Chinese spelling.. On top of that, he attends enrichment classes at Berries.

This week, I managed to find some time to test him and realised he couldn’t really write the characters. There was even a sentence that consist of 8 characters!

Last night, I went through the words and sentence a few times and got him to practise writing them.. He was ok but the order of his strokes were mostly incorrect but I just tried to correct as much as I could and would close one eye if the characters still looked decent.. Hee..

Today, when I picked him up from the ccc, he proudly urged me to check his Chinese spelling book..

Well, I’m so proud of him and I also think that my hard work has paid off! Hee.. I hope I’ll have time to guide him for the next spelling so he can continue to do well.. Hee..


Bought these erasers from the bookshop just now.. I remember buying these erasers when I was a primary school pupil and we would exchange with others when we have more than 1 of the same country flag..

I was excited when I saw them at the bookshop at The Central.. I bought a box of 48 pieces for $6.90. I thought there would be flags of 48 countries but I was wrong.. Many of them were repeated.. For example, there were 3 Singapore and Germany flags each so there were less than 20 different flags that I could introduce to the kids. I’m not very good at recognising the country flags, especially those that are not within Asia.. There were no Japan, China and South Korea flags too.. A bit of a disappointment but I thought it’s still a good buy since the kids can use the erasers and they can be introduced to flags of countries like Latvia, Nicaragua and Bolivia..

Hopefully I can find some time to do some research about the various countries so we can all learn more about these countries..

However, I still think it would be cool to collect as many different country flag erasers as possible. Does anyone know where I can find them?

Kumon progress

Jocelle seems to be progressing quite well in her mathematics although I had to use the cane many times to get her to do her work. I know it’s not the best way to motivate her but it’s the most effective way to get her to complete her work when I’m tired or when we are in a rush..

She’d do one question and then count the number of pages left in the worksheet.. It’s really frustrating to make her do her work. There was once when I even had to kiss her after she had completed each page before she would carry on!

Anyway, she still seems to be coping well.. And she’s progressing so well that she’s almost catching up with her brother who’s learning how to add 2 to numbers up to 32..

She just did a test and she actually did very well!


I’m very proud of her but I still hope she’ll be more motivated to do her work so I don’t have to resort to caning her.. But I guess all kids suffer from a mild form of masochism as they would only do what you tell them after you scold or cane them.. Sigh..


Yes, the dreaded process.. I’ve never been lucky in gambling, be in 4D, toto or bingo and even lucky draws..

I had no choice but to participate in the balloting this time as the results would determine if my son would join me in my school next year..

I’m still upset that I had to go through this phase as I feel that children of all the staff of the school should be given the same priority as siblings of current students.. Logistically, that should be the way so parents can go to and fro school with their children.. Don’t you think?

Anyway, thanks to some policy makers, I had to go through this stressful process…

The balloting was scheduled at 9am but it started slightly later at about 9.10am when all the relevant witnesses arrived.. The parents were given a yellow card with their child’s name and balloting ID..


The principal explained the process before she placed the numbered balls into the bingo cage..

Each numbered ball was flashed on the screen via the visualiser before it was placed into the cage.. When all the balloting balls were in, we waited with anxiety for the numbered balls to be drawn, each time praying that it would be number 33.. Each ball that was drawn was also flashed over the visualiser for all to see..

My concerned colleagues, friends and my sister used WhatsApp to get updates from me.. I think all of them were praying for me.. It was a painful process to see the number of vacancies decreasing as numbers that were not ours were drawn…

And up till the last ball was drawn, our ball had not been picked…. Sigh..

I didn’t notice if other parents were crying but I know I was not.. We left the auditorium very quickly as I had a class to go to.. My colleague actually helped to cover my period cos of this..

Many of my colleagues comforted me.. One even cried.. I’m touched.. Very touched.. They actually felt disappointed for me.. I was too.. Who wouldn’t? But I guess I was put through this is stressful process so I could see how much people around me cared for me although I already know.. Actually, since the day they knew there was going to be a ballot, they had been wishing me luck and keeping me in their prayers.. I really feel blessed to have such wonderful colleagues, friends and family…

Anyway, I’m not losing hope! I’ve placed my son under the waiting list.. Let’s hope for some movements so my boy can join me next year! Wish me luck!

P1 registration

Ok.. I didn’t expect to feel this.. but I’m kinda stressed about this.. I’ve always assumed that since I’m a staff of the school,  I wouldn’t have to stress over this.. but it’s a fact that balloting is going to take place for those staying more than 2km away from the school…

Staff should have the same priority as siblings of current pupils.. The 40 places set aside for phase 2B and 2C is the root of my problem! Sigh.. can’t do much but to wait till Thursday…

The suspense is not something I enjoy… but I’ll try my best to stay zen…… ohm…..

Wish me luck!

Spidey’s birthday celebration at the ccc

I took Childcare leave today to bake some cupcakes and a small cake for Jovan’s birthday..

It was a busy morning but I managed to get everything ready by 2 pm..



The fondant is something I’m not confident of handling but since the party was today, I didn’t have to worry about storage and I think kids would be more forgiving.. Hee.. I used quite a bit of corn flour to make the fondant less sticky..

Took me some time to place it on the cake and when I finally drew on it with edible icing, I drew a slanted line.. Sigh.. I don’t have steady hands… One mistake and that’s it.. I had no choice but to carry on.. The face was actually not very symmetrical.. I did mention that kids are more forgiving ya? :p so I hope they would pay more attention to the rings on the cupcakes.. Hee..

Hubby didn’t take leave today as he felt bad about being absent from work for the past 2 days as Jocelle was not well.. She had fever on Tuesday and even hit 40 degrees Celsius so Dr Chan gave her 2 days MC.. Since hubby was also not well, both stayed at home for the past 2 days.. He then made arrangements with his colleague to swap lessons so he could leave school at 3pm..

I reached the ccc at 3.15pm as the kids had swimming class at 4pm.. We started the celebration promptly as I didn’t want to hold back their schedule..

I changed Jovan into his Spidey costume and that got the kids’ attention.. He was a little shy.. Maybe cos his Spider-man daddy was not around..

Jocelle also changed into her Spidey top and joined in the celebration..

Then, Teacher Rani took photos of Jovan with his classmates group by group..

We sang the birthday song and I was still hoping for the special appearance of Spider-Man..

Jovan was surprisingly able to blow out the candle with his mask on! Haha..

After that, he took out his mask and the 3 of us took a photo. I actually almost forgot to take a photo with them!

After we distributed the cupcakes, cakes and goodie bags, Spider-Man still wasn’t here..

The kids started changing into their swimwear to prepare for swimming class and I helped Jovan change too..

As I was changing him, the daddy finally called and said he had arrived.. Hmm.. I told him all the kids were getting ready for their swimming class and that he didn’t have to come in as I didn’t want to affect their schedule..

On hindsight, I think I should have just asked him to give the kids a surprise since he was already there.. Sigh.. Anyway, the celebration was over..

A little of anti-climax but I think the boy was happy enough as he polished off 2 cupcakes and a slice of the fondant cake.. Hee.. We also brought them to Sakae Sushi, their favourite restaurant, for dinner…

To my son: I hope you had a great day today and happy, happy birthday! I also hope you’ll stay happy and healthy forever.. Life is not going to be easy as you celebrate more and more birthdays.. But with a positive mindset, you will live life well.. Remember that mummy and daddy will be here to give you the support you need as long as we can..

We love you!

Jovan’s 6th Birthday Bash – Superheroes Unite!

The day has come! Jovan was very excited when he woke up and asked if the bouncy was here…

We rented one from Singapore Toys Club some time ago but when I was checking in, I was told that bouncy castles are not allowed! I tried to explain that the kids were all here for the bouncy castle and that I’ve already paid for it. The staff just said it was the regulation.. Anyway, I thought I would just try my luck and I’ll decide what to do when the management stopped me.. I can’t disappoint the kids, right?

The men were very busy in the morning as they had to collect the bouncy castle and buy some stuff which we didn’t prepare.. Meanwhile, I prepared the cupcakes by adding the cream cheese frosting and the ring toppers..

The kids were excited when the bouncy castle was up!

The buffet lunch arrived before 12.30pm..

My colleague, Leo and his wife, Teri, who was my ex-colleague, were the first to arrive and the kids had the bouncy castle to themselves.. Soon, another colleague, Hwee Ling, and their family came too..



When more guests came, I got the cupcakes ready by placing them on the cupcake stand..

Looks quite presentable ya? Hee..

The entertainer came slightly before 4.30 pm and started sculpting balloons for the kids.. He’s not bad cos he could actually make an Elsa and a Rapunzel!

The kids were also kept entertained for more than 1.5 hours..






When he was almost done and was getting ready for the cake cutting, my man and my boy went upstairs to get themselves ready for the cake cutting session.. Haha..

It took a while for me to help them get ready and the kids who were getting impatient were knocking the door and asking for Spiderman! Haha.. It was crazy but when the 2 of them got out of the room, the kids got crazier! Haha.. And when they went downstairs, the adults went crazy too! Haha..




After the cake cutting, the kids queued up to take photos with the 2 Spideys..






It was so fun! And I got to kiss Spiderman! Haha.. Hey, not many people have had the chance to kiss a superhero, right? Hee..


We had BBQ dinner after that but not many stayed for the BBQ so there was a lot of leftovers..

Anyway, I hope the kids and adults enjoyed the party as much as I did although it was tiring preparing for it.. It’s all worth it if everyone had a good time! But I guess I won’t have the energy to host another party like this anytime soon.. Haha.. But I would gladly attend another one like this.. Hmm.. Who will be hosting next? Hee..

I think my hubby deserves some applause for the pleasant surprise as he really brought the party to the climax! Hee.. I guess he also fulfilled his dream cos I think he’s been waiting the longest time for a chance to dress up as a superhero and this gave him the best excuse to do so! Hee..

My boy sure had a great time too and he kept thanking us for planning this party for him.. Good that he appreciated our effort and time!

We would like to thank those who came to the party and for all the thoughtful gifts and red packets.. Your presence means a lot to us and we hope you had a good time!


Jovan’s 6th Birthday Bash – The preparations…

We decided on the theme in May after I booked a chalet at Aloha Changi..

The boy wanted an Iron Man theme but changed his mind and decided that he wanted to be a Spiderman so Emily bought him an outfit from Toys R Us..

I started sourcing for Spiderman related party stuff too.. We also rented a bouncy castle and even got an entertainer to entertain the kids!

Then I made myself busy by planning what to bake for the party as Jovan had asked for a 3D spiderman cake.. hmm..

I experimented with cupcakes first…
But I found that the fondant was difficult to store as the cakes had to be placed in air con rooms.. While still deliberating on whether I should use fondants, I decided to order some cupcake ring toppers from Amazon so I could use cream cheese frosting instead of fondant..

The man also got excited and ordered some superhero tops for the family…
We didn’t have time to plan further because of our June trip so we could only rush through the preparations after our trip.. meanwhile, I was preparing the pinata which was a tedious thing to make although it was definitely much cheaper than buying one..

I tried to make a small fondant cake after our trip too..

But as you can see, the fondant was bleeding cos of the humid weather.. As we’ll be checking in one day earlier than the actual party, I was concerned about how to store the cake.. Finally, I decided to just bake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and decorate them with cupcake ring toppers. We also ordered a 2 kg Spider-Man cake from Bengawan Solo..

Meanwhile, I was still preparing the party loot bags.. I drew the webs before I cut and pasted the eyes.. It was really tedious but the bags turned out ok I think.. Hee..


I bought some smiley stickers to stick onto the bags and thought it was a good way of identification since they were all different..

Oh yes, here’s my piñata.. Hee..

That night, after we checked in, we sisters actually went to the Stefanie Sun’s Kepler concert and left the kids with my mum, Zin, Felix and my bro while my man sent us there and ran some errands before picking us again..

So happening, right? Hee.. We went back to the chalet at about midnight as the concert ended at about 11pm.. It was not bad but the Sports Hub was a little too warm for us.. I don’t really think it’s a suitable venue to hold a concert.

Anyway, only Jocelle and Nigel were asleep when we went back.. I guess Elyssa and Jovan were too excited to sleep! Haha.. Let’s rest well for the party tomorrow..