We’ve decided to sign the kids up for Kumon Math enrichment class… mainly to prepare Jovan cos he had not been attending any Math classes. We wanted to enrol him for the EL class too as I felt that his progress in EL did not seem to be significant even though we enrolled him in I Can Read since last year. I guess I’m a little gan cheong to ensure he’s ready for P1 next year..

We went for an assessment last week and were told that we had to sit in for the first 2 sessions to have a look at how the lessons were conducted. The kids were very enthusiastic and they seemed to have enjoyed themselves..

They started to work on a set of worksheets while we looked on..




Jocelle was mainly asked to read and count numbers while Jovan had to trace some numbers. Simple activities mainly to help them identify numbers as they would still be confused between 13, 31 and 30..

After they were done with their worksheet, they went on to place numbers on number boards to help them with the identification of numbers again..


We would have to monitor them at home when they do their work so in a way, we’ll be forced to sit with them as they complete their work.. We even have to fill in our observation each time they do their work… A little challenging as I’m always busy marking.. I guess we have no choice but to try to spend time with them on their work…

That evening, both of them were so eager to do their work that they didn’t wait for us! I didn’t even manage to time them and when I came out from my shower, both had completed 2 sets each on their own! I’m glad they’re so enthusiastic though and I hope their enthusiasm will last!


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