Learning to count money

Tried to teach them how to count money today. They’ve had the piggy banks for some time but I don’t have a schedule or fixed amount for them..

usually, my mum will give them some coins when she sees them.. I sometimes give them some coins as a reward for good behaviour or upon completion of some work..


Counted with them but they were not serious. They were more interested in stacking the coins.. anyway, we counted out $40 worth of coins each and placed the remaining coins back into the piggy banks.. They were excited about banking the money though and reminded me to bring their bank books out..


MTP term 1 2014

Daddy went for the MTP yesterday alone cos I had to clear some marking while the cleaning lady was here..

Here are snapshots of his updates..







So, to summarise, Jovan is playful and not attentive in class.. academically, we need to push him a little to catch up with his peers.. consolation – he’s innocent..

Jocelle is doing very well academically and has great leadership skills but we need to reinforce that she should not use violence to get her way..

Sigh.. they’re really different.. how I wish they were a combination of the good points of each other.. but I guess everyone is unique.. we’ve spoken to them and reminded them that they’ll be punished if we get negative feedback from their teachers… guess we’ll have to monitor them more closely…

At last! Diaperless days have arrived!

Yes! Barely a week after princess turned 4, she decided that she could control her bladder at night and told us she didn’t need to wear her diapers at night!

We still put on for her for 2 nights and when her diapers were dry after those 2 nights, we decided that she’s really ready!!

Yippee!! Now we can save more $$ and I’m one step closer to my condo dream!! *wink*

Jocelle is 4!

Yes, it’s the actual day.. We didn’t plan to do much since it’s a Monday… We just thought of having dinner outside and we didn’t even plan where to have dinner! Hee..

But when I opened the mail box, we got a pleasant surprise!

So we went to the Swenson’s at Ion, which hubby said was the nearest… traffic was heavy so it took some time for us to reach Ion..

We made good use of the voucher and the kiddos had kids’ meal..

We’re thankful for the surprise and Jocelle even had her 1st Firehouse Happy Birthday Sundae!

My wish for you, my princess, is to always stay healthy and happy! Good things come your way when you are positive and nice to others so be helpful and cheerful always!! Mummy loves you!!

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 3

It’s 1 day before her actual birthday and we had a cake which had not been shared, we didn’t have to buy another for the celebration at Audry’s… place..

I baked a batch of oreo cheese cupcakes as I wanted to make use of the personalised flags which I ordered from eBay.. I thought I might be able to squeeze some time to bake for her celebration at the ccc but I couldn’t… since they’re personalised, I won’t be able to use them after her birthday tis year.. so here they go!

I didn’t bring all over to Audry’s place as we had another cake.. It was a simple celebration for the princess..

Yes, I’ve had enough of cakes already… haha..

Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 2

We met up with the usual gang at Toa Payoh Safra Kidz Amaze for a joint celebration with Celestiel. Their birthdays are just 1 day apart although Celestiel is 2 years older than Jocelle..

We met up with the Lau and Chew families at Kidz Amaze in the afternoon.. a nice place for us as the kids could play safely while the adults could chat and complain… haha.. it’s a pity the Tan and Toh families couldn’t join us earlier as they had other commitments in the afternoon..

Glad that they could join us for dinner so we could still catch up.. We went to Astons at about 6pm to beat the crowd as the previous time we went, there was a very long queue..

It was difficult to order the food as we were given slips of order forms and each person was supposed to use 1 form.. I think it’s a waste of time and paper and it’s confusing, especially for a big group like us.. We had 9 adults and 8 kids so ordering for was a nightmare.. thanks to Brenda for taking the orders..

Finally, it was cake cutting time!

We bought 2 identical cakes for the princesses as both love Sleeping Beauty…

As we sang the birthday song, some teenagers from 2 tables in the crowded restaurant joined in to sing and clap for the birthday girls! It was a pleasant surprise for us and their gesture put a smile on many of our faces..

We didn’t cut both cakes though as we were rather full so the adults skipped the cake..

We left the restaurant after our dinner but we didn’t leave immediately as we still had lots of catching up to do.. hee.. While we chatted, the kids were entertained by the movie ‘King Kong’ which was screened outside Toast Box.. We really can chat non stop! Hee.. I’m looking forward to the next meet up already… haha..

Thanks to all for your lovely gifts and red packets.. my girl enjoyed herself thoroughly…