Jocelle’s 4th Birthday Part 1

We had to celebrate her birthday in advance on the last day of February the ccc as I had a meeting on Monday.. Hubby took leave that day so he could join in the celebration. I didn’t want him to miss it this time as he missed the celebration last year..

We collected the cake from Swenson’s together as I managed to leave school at around 2 pm.. I got some paper plates as I totally forgot about it..

Some friends asked why I didn’t bake a cake for my girl like what I did for Jovan last year.. I really had no time as it’s the exam period and I had lots of marking to clear.. anyway, I think she’ll be happy with any princess cake we get for her.. she was the one who chose this cake..

She was over the moon when she saw me at the ccc with the cake.. I got her a change of clothes and brought along her tiara hair band..

When her classmates saw her, many commented that she was a princess that day… she smiled shyly and sweetly at the compliments.. she really looked sweet then..

Jovan had been looking forward to the celebration and joined in to sing the birthday song..

The 2kg ice cream cake was just enough for all her classmates and the teachers in the ccc.. it was difficult to cut the cake but thanks to Brenda who shared her experience with me, we prepared a metal knife..

We brought the kids back after the celebration so they could shower before we went out for dinner at Sakae Sushi, which the kids call ‘froggy froggy’.

After dinner, we bought another ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins for our second celebration at my in-laws’ place…

I’m glad she had a good time although her actual birthday was still 3 days to go..


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