Dinner for 4..

It all started with tingkat.. I wanted to cater dinner as I think it’s pretty much hassle free.. pop the food into the microwave oven and dinner will be ready in 2 min.. We won’t have much washing to do as we can simply throw away the microwavable containers..

We started a trial with Hong Choo catering.. $145 for a 10-day trial for 2 pax cos the food is usually sufficient for 4 of us since the kids don’t eat much and I eat very little rice..

The caterer didn’t deliver on the 1st day due to some miscommunication. Then on the second day, they forgot the rice.. sigh.. luckily we still had some instant noodles so I cooked some..


They forgot the rice the next day too so we decided that we should find another caterer after the trial..

Then I decided that we should choose to use tingkat containers instead of plastic ones since we’ve heard that microwaved food is not very healthy.. We could just get a steamer to heat up the food.. and so we got one..

After a few days of heating up the food, I thought maybe I can actually prepare some steamed dishes with our new steamer.. We can even cook rice with the steamer!!

Ok.. so that’s why I’m starting to cook now.. For health and to save cost!


The preparation and cooking actually takes about an hour or so so it’s not too long.. anyway, hubby comes home at about 7 pm so I can start preparing and cooking at about 6pm.. tonight I even tried to cook some sweetcorn and carrot soup! Hee… I like soup!

I didn’t cook all the dishes with the steamer though… Luckily we still hv an oven so I can at least bake one of the dishes each night.. We bought only chicken breast and some frozen salmon so I alternated the fish and the chicken.. hubby is not too picky.. In fact, he was rather supportive.. every time I asked him whether the food was ok, he’ll give me a satisfying nod.. guess that sort of motivated me to continue preparing dinner.. maybe that’s his plan.. haha..

Hope I can carry on cooking.. maybe I can take a break some times when it gets busy.. but so far, I’m kinda having fun.. hee..