Annual Xmas Gathering

Although we’ve been meeting up with the usual gang more frequently this year, we still look forward to our annual Xmas gathering.. This year, we decided to book a chalet at Goldkist Beach Resort.. We thought the kids could have fun cycling, skate scooting and even swimming while we adults could enjoy some BBQ food..

I booked a unit for $188 after we all agreed on the venue.. We didn’t have to mess up anyone’s home as we can simply check out after the party is over! What’s more, the children will have lotsa fun! It’s quite affordable since we’ll be splitting the cost among ourselves..  The Lau family was in charge of ordering the food… Each family only had to fork out about $50.. Pauline was in charge of the fruits.. She brought longans and grapes.. great fuss-free fruits! Hee..

This year, we had a great turnout.. The usual ones are the Tan, Lau, Chew and Toh families as well as we Shums.. Initially Grace and family could join us with her latest addition Gladis who’s just about one month old but they couldn’t join us in the end.. This time round, Stephanie and Lin Hui were able to join us! Lin Hui brought along her handsome prince who stole all our hearts! How could I forget to take a photo with the cutie? He’s really adorable! Sigh..

We felt nostalgic when we saw the chalet.. We used to book chalets at the same place although it used to be called Costa Sands.. It really brought back our childhood memories.. Still the same old rustic feel although the chalets have undergone some refurbishment. They even provided 2 towels.. There was a fridge which actually worked fine.. haha.. but there was no electric kettle.. We had to rent from the minimart at $5 /day if we needed one.. Think the minimart belongs to the management as we had to book the BBQ pit (at $25/day) and everything else there.. The minimart didn’t label their goods with price tags and the things were sold at an exorbitant price based on their quotes.. A packet of 200 ply tissue paper cost $4! So, lesson learnt.. If we were to visit the place again, we should be prepared to bring all necessary materials…

Anyway, our kids had great fun skate scooting.. Gwyneth, Grace’s Sarah and Matthew were not here yet when we took the photo so we actually had 11 kids that day.. There’d be 13 if Grace and family joined us.. hee..

All lined up for a photo before they were released to play!

All lined up for a photo before they were released to play!

We brought the kids’ bicycles and Jovan really enjoyed cycling.. he abandoned his skate scooter most of the time.. think he really loves cycling.. hee.. Jocelle skate scooted most of the time and she was really good at it.. Everyone was impressed with this little daredevil..

After sweating themselves out skate scooting and cycling, the kids pestered us to bring them to the pool.. So while the men started the fire for the BBQ, we brought the kids to the pool..

It's impossible to take a proper shot with all these fidgety kids!

It’s impossible to take a proper shot with all these fidgety kids!

The kids spent some time splashing around in the baby pool until it started drizzling.. We got them out of the pool to shower, just in time for dinner..

While we ate, Brenda played games with the kids while I took out sparklers for the kids to play.. I was so busy eating and chit-chatting that I didn’t take any photos after the trip to the pool.. hee hee.. The kids also looked forward to the gift exchange as that meant more toys for them!

We had a good time catching up with one another.. We didn’t stay for the night as the beds were in a terrible state after the kids jumped around on them with their dirty feet.. haha.. the mattresses were badly stained too.. Luckily we could check out that night but we had to make a few trip to and fro the car as we had a lot of barang barang to bring back..

It’s not a bad idea to book a chalet but maybe we should book a better chalet next year.. Better still, I told my buddies that we could have a BBQ anytime if I could afford a condo… I’m waiting to fulfill dream… haha..


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