Operation ‘No-training-wheels’

Yes.. We thought, or rather, I thought it’s time to teach the boy to cycle without the training wheels.. Suggested to hubby to remove the training wheels on the bicycle but hubby didn’t remove them totally..

He’s a very careful person.. I think he thinks too much whereas I’m one who’s more relaxed about safety.. He feels that the kids should be well protected so we bought all the necessary elbow, wrist and knee guards. Oh, and helmets too.. It’s a good precaution though I’m not too worried about the kids injuring their heads.. Why would they need a helmet? They’ll probably scrape their knees or elbows if they fall off the bike, right? How would they hurt their heads? That’s how I feel but I didn’t object to buying all the safety gear cos the kids look so cute with the gear, right? Hee.. Ok, I admit I actually do agree that these gear are important..

Back to the training today.. I asked hubby why he didn’t remove the training wheels but left them attached to the bike but not touching the ground.. He replied that we should take it slow in training him, explaining that since our boy is timid, we should let him take his time..

I, being the impatient one, argued that we should let him fall since he’s well-protected.. Even if he falls, he won’t be injured..

Hubby’s take was that if he falls, he would be discouraged and would give up learning but I countered that he won’t learn to cycle if he doesn’t fall..

His view was that since he’s a timid boy, we shouldn’t let him experience danger and failure.. Again I countered that we should then train him to take risks and accept failure..

Haha.. Anyway, even though we had different views, we compromised a little by taking turns to guide him in our own way.. We removed and reattached the training wheels a few times according to my boy’s reaction to our guidance..

He fell a few times but he didn’t give up.. I think it’s because we kept encouraging him.. He didn’t injure himself and he wasn’t affected by the falls as he was well protected.. But he still needs to learn how to balance while riding..

We’ve failed in our mission today but we’re not disheartened.. It’s only his first training without the training wheels after all.. We’ll try to do this another day and I really hope he can master the skill before the new year!


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