Genting Highlands Sept 2013 part 2

We decided to go to the Mushroom Farm today but before that, we went to satisfy Audry’s cravings..


We then called the Mushroom Farm to get transport. You can easily spot the vans with ‘9100’ in large print on the vans and all of them have the same vehicle plate number. However, they will only send you there if you dine at their restaurant.


Taking the van to the Mushroom Farm

The journey there was very short. A lady was there to lead us to the restaurant but since we were still too full, we explored the place first.




We came across a durian stall but I was rather disappointed to see no durians on sale.. 😦


Anyway, we decided to go for lunch before we make our way to the Chin Swee Temple.


After lunch, we found the table loaded with durians!  Yumzzz..


Of cos we need to satisfy our cravings.. hee..


We took the van back to the bus station and waited for another shuttle bus to the temple. We coincidentally met Jovan’s classmate,  Lucas Tay!


We waited for a while before the bus brought us to the temple. We then explored the place for a while..


Playing chess...


Posing with his gun and the Buddha.


Cool boy!


Think before you sin...

After a while, we decided to take the Awana Skyway back to the resort.


Spacious skyway

We went to take the other skyway down to the Strawberry Farm.


Skyway again!


Strawberry picking

We let the kids pick the strawberries and we had to pay according to the weight of the strawberries we picked.. not very cheap actually but we’re also paying for their experience and joy! Hee..

We waited for a long time for the shuttle bus and in the end, we took a cab back to the skyway station which was actually very near to the bus stop.

It’s been a long day so we went back to our rooms to take a short nap before we went out for dinner.. we had Japanese food this time but it was not very nice. Look at the chawanmushi… 😦
Looks dry and yucky rite?

After dinner, we let the kids take some rides after I bought a stored value card from the arcade… that was before I realised that the 2 rides are part of the indoor theme park rides! Argh! Should have let them play the previous day!!
We had to coax them to leave the arcade as we were all tired.. they don’t seem to be tired of the same rides! Kids…

That’s all for the day.. actually, I’m quite glad that it was a fruitful day.. 🙂

The next day, we decided to have breakfast at Marry Brown before we mame our way home.. think it’s the 1st time we ate there.. I think it’s much healthier than Mac! Why don’t they come to Singapore? Hee..


Genting Highlands Sept 2013

Took advantage of the Teachers’ Day long weekend to go to Genting Highlands with Roger and Audry.. They took leave on 5th Sept so they set off earlier.. We had to leave later as Shum could only leave after 6.30pm..

I went back earlier to pack then picked the kids and showered them before we went to meet up with Shum.. Wanted to take them out for dinner but both fell asleep in the car soon after I drove off.. so i had to change my of plan..

Picked Shum before we went to the nearest Caltex to fill up the fuel tank and get some food.. We ate a bit before we made our way to the 2nd Link.. Traffic was not too bad and we managed to clear the customs at about 7.30pm..

After a few pitstops and a few hiccups like missing an exit and having a chit chat with the local TP, we reached our destination at about 1.25am.. That’s about 5 hours on the road.. The kids were great on the journey mainly as both were sleeping almost throughout the journey.. Hee..

Audry and Roger were still waiting up for us.. We checked in quite quickly and went up to the standard room at Theme Park Hotel, which was rather pathetic.. 1st comment made by my DS was there was no bathtub.. Really no frills.. We took a quick shower and hit the sack almost immediately!

The next day, we managed to switch to double deluxe rooms which were interconnected! These rooms were definitely much bigger and more comfortable!


We had dim sum at 好友记 for brunch..

After which, we made our way to the First World Indoor Theme Park where the kids had fun on the various rides.. It cost us RM109 for a family package, much cheaper than if we were to buy individual tickets.. The original price was RM30 and RM39 for a child and an adult respectively..

The rest had coffee at Mary Brown while the kids enjoyed their rides.. After a while, the rest went to walk and shop around while we brought the kids to take the Junior Bumber cars! Both had a great time driving!

After that, it was the adults’ turn to have fun shopping!

20130912-004310.jpg Meanwhile, the kiddos entertained themselves by dancing on one of the small raised platforms.. Look how vain my girl was!

20130912-004430.jpg After shopping, we decided to go eat something.. By then, princess had already fallen asleep on the stroller.. Shum took this opportunity to bring her back to the room to rest while we tried to find a place to have lunch.. In the end, we all went back to the room to rest.. Haha.. Think we were all tired and all of us except the kids took a nap.. After a short nap, we went back to the indoor theme park again to find dinner.. The kids spent some time on the rides before we made our way to Hot Pot to have our steamboat dinner!



After dinner, the rest helped to babysit the kids while we went to try out the Euro Express, which was the fastest ride in the indoor theme park.. We even stole some time to drive Bumper cars!

After that, we decided to go back while Roger, Audry and Felix visited one of the casinos..
The kids had some fun playing in the bathtub before we called it a night.. Did I mention that I got myself a pair of boots, some socks as well as a jacket while the kids were playing? Hee.. Very happy with my purchases!

[Part 2 coming up soon!]

Spelling 5

Didn’t prepare early enough again. Sigh.. This time there were 5 words.. I was ranting on FB about how teaching him to spelling made me lose my patience.. It’s really challenging but I’m trying to tell myself that it’s just spelling! There’s always spellcheck! Hee.. Even if he failed, it won’t do us much harm, right? I just need to manage my expectations…

Anyway, he did get full marks! Although the teacher was kind enough to ignore the mirror images of the letters ‘a’ and ‘s’..
Note to self: I really need to start preparing him earlier!