Malacca Aug 2013 Day 1

We decided end June that we should go on a trip together this super long weekend.. with my mum and siblings… wanted to go to Bali but couldn’t get any air tickets.. no rooms at Genting Highlands.. Finally, we decided on Malacca..

We were warned about the possible jam but we had to set off after 2 as Emily had to attend a wedding function.. we wanted to set off earlier and maybe bring the kids to Legoland first while waiting for the rest.. However, after the trip to USS on Wednesday, we decided that we should let the Shum rest more before the long drive…

We set off close to 3pm from Audry’s place and when we reached the second link, I was still quite optimistic about the traffic.. We cleared the Singapore customs pretty quickly but when we neared the Malaysia customs, we saw the jam.. we crawled our way slowly and it took about 2.5h for us to clear the customs! The drivers were all willing the traffic to move faster as all were experiencing high tides! Haha..

We didn’t know where to meet the rest actually as there was no prior arrangement.. haha.. we almost missed them but we managed to contact them and reversed into the petrol kiosk.. Em and Audry were getting Malaysia prepaid SIM cards for ease of communication.. I got one for myself too… RM30 for one and we can use the Internet at RM3/day.. quite affordable..


After we got the telco guy to set up the phones for us, we moved off again..

We made another pit stop for a stretch and a bite as well as a toilet break.. very tempted to buy the durians at RM8/kg.. hee.. but we resisted..


Filling up the second time...

Then the final lap to the hotel! We reached the hotel at about 9pm and quickly checked in to drop off our luggage..

We didn’t get the bigger premier room this time but it’s good enough.. the kids were excited about the bath tub and my boy couldn’t wait to strip to play in the tub!! Haha..

They couldn’t control themselves and quickly jumped onto the day bed, as expected…


We love the day bed!

We actually saw fireworks along the way and even out of the window of the hotel room!

We then went out for a late dinner.. most of the restaurants are closed but we managed to get some pizzas and burgers from McDonald’s..


Late dinner

We’ll find Peranakan food tomorrow!


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