Spelling again..

The consequences of insufficient preparation. I totally forgot about his spelling until Wednesday! We only had 2 days to prepare.

It was quite expected that he wouldn’t do well and even after a last minute revision in the morning, he wasn’t ready..

And the consequence is this:


2/4... 😦

Sigh.. the teacher was quite encouraging though.. guess we really need to start preparing him earlier although it seems like he’s going to miss his next spelling which is scheduled on Teachers’ Day.. need to check with Teacher Sabrina about this..



The kids have their first sleepover at Emily’s place last night as we couldn’t send them to the ccc these 2 days..

They were very excited about the sleepover and couldn’t wait to say goodbye to us..


Bye bye!

After we left, they made themselves comfortable on her bed and watched s cartoon..


Getting comfy!


Enjoying the cartoon!

However, they were very cooperative once Emily told them they would get me to bring them home if they didn’t listen to her instructions..


Fast asleep within 2 minutes!

This morning, they woke up at 6 plus and was treated to McDonald’s hotcakes..


Good morning!


Watching a cartoon as they enjoyed their breakfast

Really having a good time there. Emily even gave Jovan spelling! Hee..


All correct! Decorated with minions!


Jocelle's minion! Haha..

She then brought them to IMM for lunch and even brought them to the playground!




Pasta for me again!

Meanwhile, we enjoyed some couple time.. hee..


Horror movie!

After playing at the playground, the kids went back to take a bath in a bath tub before they had more tv time.. an indulgence for them..


We can use Elyssa's bathtub!


More tv and stoning time!

Then,  all the kids had a good nap at about 4!


All the kids plus my mum in dreamland..

Don’t the kids look adorable when they’re sleeping? 🙂

Malacca Aug 2013 Day 2

Wanted to go to Old Town for traditional toast and egg breakfast but it was not open when we went there around 9 plus..

Decided to have Mac breakfast instead for convenience and we didn’t want to wait.. good for the kids as they could play at the playground inside and they could have new toys!


Playground and toys!

We then shopped around at Makhota before we went back to offload our stuff.. we wanted to have some Peranakan food for lunch but most of the restaurants were packed since we were a little past lunch time… decided to settle for some Korean fare.. Met a colleague there.. she was the one who told me her son loves the Korean noodles there.. what a coincidence!

The soju was served 1st..



We ordered too much as we wanted to try everything!

Haha.. the food was not bad.. the starters were free flow.. damage was abt RM400++.. bro paid for it and didn’t want us to split the bill.. ww decided that he didn’t have to pay for the rest of the meals for the trip.. haha..

After lunch, we went to shop for a while more before we decided to bring the kids back for a short dip in the pool.. the men were all tired and gave the pool a miss so it’s the 3 sisters with my 2 kids..

We spent less than an hour in the pool cos it was near dinner time although I don’t really feel hungry.. haha.. but hey, we haven’t eaten any Peranakan food! Hee…


After dinner, we shopped at Giant for a while before we went back to the hotel.. since it was still early, we went to Emily’s room to have some oranges, specially peeled for us by Felix, my bro-in-law.. They were super sweet oranges!


The official orange peeler!

Time flies.. we didn’t seem to have done much but by the time we hit the sack, it was past midnight! Need a good rest before we can have more food and do more shopping the next day!

Malacca Aug 2013 Day 1

We decided end June that we should go on a trip together this super long weekend.. with my mum and siblings… wanted to go to Bali but couldn’t get any air tickets.. no rooms at Genting Highlands.. Finally, we decided on Malacca..

We were warned about the possible jam but we had to set off after 2 as Emily had to attend a wedding function.. we wanted to set off earlier and maybe bring the kids to Legoland first while waiting for the rest.. However, after the trip to USS on Wednesday, we decided that we should let the Shum rest more before the long drive…

We set off close to 3pm from Audry’s place and when we reached the second link, I was still quite optimistic about the traffic.. We cleared the Singapore customs pretty quickly but when we neared the Malaysia customs, we saw the jam.. we crawled our way slowly and it took about 2.5h for us to clear the customs! The drivers were all willing the traffic to move faster as all were experiencing high tides! Haha..

We didn’t know where to meet the rest actually as there was no prior arrangement.. haha.. we almost missed them but we managed to contact them and reversed into the petrol kiosk.. Em and Audry were getting Malaysia prepaid SIM cards for ease of communication.. I got one for myself too… RM30 for one and we can use the Internet at RM3/day.. quite affordable..


After we got the telco guy to set up the phones for us, we moved off again..

We made another pit stop for a stretch and a bite as well as a toilet break.. very tempted to buy the durians at RM8/kg.. hee.. but we resisted..


Filling up the second time...

Then the final lap to the hotel! We reached the hotel at about 9pm and quickly checked in to drop off our luggage..

We didn’t get the bigger premier room this time but it’s good enough.. the kids were excited about the bath tub and my boy couldn’t wait to strip to play in the tub!! Haha..

They couldn’t control themselves and quickly jumped onto the day bed, as expected…


We love the day bed!

We actually saw fireworks along the way and even out of the window of the hotel room!

We then went out for a late dinner.. most of the restaurants are closed but we managed to get some pizzas and burgers from McDonald’s..


Late dinner

We’ll find Peranakan food tomorrow!

ND & Hari Raya Celebrations!

The kids were all excited about Singapore’s birthday and had been reminding me that they had to be in red and white for the past few days..

Rushed to feed them antibiotics before we changed them into their red and white attire.. Princess chose to regurgitate her meds right after I changed her.. sigh.. Fortunately, we didn’t have to change her.. I could have brought her along to school with me but she was looking forward to the celebration in the ccc and kept repeating that she wanted to go the centre..

Rushed to put on a stick-on tattoo for them as we made our way down…

They didn’t forget the snacks they had to bring for the Hari Raya celebration where they would share their goodies with their friends.


Happy birthday, Singapore!

When we picked them up at about 12 plus, we noticed that they had additional tattoos on them..


Singapore on the face...


Another flag on her chubby hand..


Jovan's 2nd tattoo

Each was holding the national flag and both seemed happy.. 边老师told me they had taken lots of snacks..

Told them to drink lots of water in the car.. we then went back home to change and freshen up.. the kids didn’t want to change though…

We then made our way to USS! Jocelle wanted to take photos with Road Runner and his gf (?).. Gor Gor joined in too..


Gor Gor is shy

It was rather crowded and we saw that the estimated waiting time for some rides were as long as 70min!!

We went to the usual rides the kids enjoyed and although the queues were longer than usual, we didn’t have to wait for too long..


Live raptor spotted!

We left the theme park at about 6 plus and the kids were zonked out…


What a busy day we had!

Happy birthday, Singapore!
Selamat Aidilfitri to all Muslims out there and enjoy the looong weekend!!

Shoo fever shoo!

Princess had fever last nite.. gave her some paracetamol before she slept, hoping the fever would subside..

She came to our room at about 4am.. Still feverish.. hubby gave her another dose of paracetamol and got her to drink some water… she was still feverish at 38.8 at abt 7am so we gave her bufen..

Hubby took childcare leave to bring her to Dawson Place Clinic. Dr Chong gave her Augmentin too.. sigh..

Hubby said she vomited twice after he gave her the meds.. sigh.. get well soon, baby.. It’s a long weekend and we plan to play!!

Change of plans..

Things don’t always go according to plans..

We had planned to bring the kids to Legoland since the last time we went was in May..

But alas, my boy had to have fever the night before.. searched high and low to find our thermometer but to no avail… couldn’t tell his actual temperature but we know it’s quite high.. gave him paracetamol in the middle of the night and was hoping that the fever would be gone the next day..

When he woke up, he was hot! We called up Dawson Place Clinic to see if we could walk in.. we could if we didn’t mind the new doctor, Dr Jeffrey Jiang.. told the nurse we didn’t.. Don’t think it matters..

Jovan didn’t look to well.. complained that he was cold when I showered him.. he didn’t even wanna play with his toys after shower.. told him to rest on his bed while the rest of us got ready..

His temperature was 39.6 deg C at the clinic.. doc prescribed Augmentin as Jovan had a throat infection and his fever was quite high..

We had an early lunch there so we could give him his meds asap to bring down his fever..

We went back home to rest and decided to abort our plans to go to Legoland…

By the time we woke up from our nap, it was close to 5.. the kids kept bugging us to bring them cycling.. Jovan seemed a bit better so we agreed…

They cycled for abt 45min before we gave them a quick shower.. we then decided to go to Sentosa for dinner.. free entry since we’re now islanders and the parking rate after 5pm was $1 per entry according to the sign (dunno why we were charged $2 though). That’s super affordable!

We had dinner at Coffee Bean and wanted to take the Sentosa Express to USS to watch the fireworks but the kids took too long to finish their dinner.. sigh..

Anyway, we decided to explore Quayside Isle after reading so much abt it.. we took Bus 3 from the Beach Station.. the wait for the bus was quite long as the interval was half an hour..

Sentosa Cove is really for the rich! The marina was docked with a variety of yachts that only pple with loads of money could afford.. Anyway, no harm taking some pics with the yachts though the lighting was insufficient.. hee..


Will we have a chance to go on board a yacht?

Look at how my kids posed.. haha..

There’re actually quite a number of eateries there that we could try.. the restaurants were quite packed too..

After a stroll along the boardwalk, we decided to head back to Beach Station to get our car.. waited for quite a while again for Bus 3.. maybe we should drive here next time.. Meanwhile, the kids took turns to rest.. haha..


Gor Gor, you can rest on my lap..


It's so comfy I can fall asleep!


Primcess: Now my turn!

The kids still wanted to go to the beach but we managed to just bring them to see the giant Merlion up close before we called it a day…

A bit disappointed that we couldn’t go to Legoland but it’s fortunate that we live so near to Sentosa that we could still have a change of plan that’s not so bad after all!