Racial Harmony Day 2013

The ccc celebrated RHD today and the kids were excited to be in their Chinese and Indian ethnic costumes today…

We had actually planned to let both wear Chinese ones as we received a few from Brenda..

Yesterday however, my colleague, Shadidah, passed me an Indian sari that her daughter has outgrown.. The skirt seemed a little too long but we still let Jocelle try.. we didn’t know how to put it on for her so hubby did some research online while I tried to complete marking my compos..

We actually prepared another Cheongsam in case we could not put on the sari for princess today..

We were in a rush but hubby managed to put it on fairly well for her.. and voila! Here’s how they looked!


Do we look good?

They each had to bring a food item that is representative of any of the 4 ethnic groups in Singapore so daddy bought a curry puff and a spring roll before he sent them to the ccc.. l hope the kids learnt something about racial harmony today although l think kids know nothing about discrimination at this age… l feel that to them, everyone is a friend, regardless of race or religion, so long as he/she is a good person! Hope they will feel this way forever!

Happy RHD, everyone!