Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Final part!

Didn’t plan to take leave today but decided to just take a day off to spend time with the birthday boy.. alone..

From our past experiences, Mei Mei would choose not to go to the ccc if Gor Gor was sick so if I were to tell her that I’ll be bringing Gor Gor out while she stays in the ccc, she’ll definitely not let us go.. hence, I didn’t tell both of them my plan until we were at the entrance of the ccc…

After the usual screening, I hugged Jocelle and sent her in, making an excuse that I wanted to talk to Gor Gor… Luckily, princess didn’t suspect anything and went into the ccc to join her friends..

Phew! Then I whispered to Jovan to tell him I’d be bringing him out alone.. he didn’t seem to believe me as he kept asking if it’s for real.. he also asked if Mei Mei would be joining us.. such a caring brother!

We went home 1st so he could change out of his uniform.. I asked him to decide how he wanted to spend the day and the first thing he requested to do was…


I love cycling!

He had a great time cycling for about 45min until he decided it was enough..

He took a shower before we made our way to…


Date with my little man!

A kind lady helped to take the above photo…

It is definitely much easier bringing out 1 kid than both.. I guess we wouldn’t be able to do much if Jocelle was around since she still can’t take many of the rides due to her lack of height.. also, she would ask to be carried..

Anyway, we managed to take some rides we had missed previously.. will not elaborate with words but here are some photos we took..


With the B-boys!


Cool Optimus Prime!




With the King of the day!




Special treat!



We were there from about 11am to 5pm but my boy was not satisfied and kept asking to stay a while longer..

Finally, I managed to get him out at around 5 plus after much persuasion…

We went to pick Mei Mei 1st before I brought the kids to take a shower…

Met up with hubby later before we went out for a nice dinner at Ichiban Boshi (again…)

After dinner, I decided to give the kids a treat.. main reason was to make it up to princess for not taking her out that day.. look at how happy they were!


Cheap but nice treat!


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