Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday Part 3

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jovan wanted a soldier theme for his birthday… that got me busy as I had to get camouflage party favours for the celebration at the ccc on Youth Day..

We decided to get green mugs from the Lifestyle Mart at Safra as they would be useful for the kids.. I also ordered some party hats which I had to collect all the way from Woodlands.. While I was there, I bought some kaleidoscopes.. the camou paper plates were from Spotlight and the green plastic spoons and forks were from Giant.. we also bought some green gummys and chocolates wrapped in green wrappers to fit the camou theme.. We even bought camou Ts for ourselves! We couldn’t find one for Jocelle so we ended up buying an adult size t-shirt for her and let her wear it as a dress! Haha.. all for the fun of it! Anyway, here are the pictures!


The loot!


The food!

Made some cupcakes on top of the 2nd fondant cake! The fondant cake definitely had room for improvement so I thought I would have some leftover but I was only left with the empty boxes! The kids also devoured all the cupcakes! I think the cupcakes turned out quite well and the kids loved the soldiers on the cupcakes! Some kept asking if they could really keep the soldiers.. haha.. so cute!


The people!

The kids were very impressed with Jovan’s soldier uniform while the teachers commented that the theme was awesome! We had an enjoyable time that day!

Oh yes, we even let the kids take photos with the birthday boy and keep the photos as mementoes!


The mementoes!


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