We’re Sentosa Islanders!

Just made our cards today.. wanted to apply online as there’s a MESRC discount but had problems completing the online application… went to the counter at Vivo and we were able to collect our cards on the spot.. $50 for the whole family for one year of unlimited entry to Sentosa!


Our cards!

The photos were awful but who cares? Haha.. hopefully, we’ll make good use of the cards!



Just got his jotter book today cos his teacher forgot to show us last Friday…

A bit disappointed cos he didn’t write his ‘小’ correctly.. even his ‘2’ is a mirror image.. is it because he’s left-handed?


Think we’ll need to let him practise writing his ‘日’ & ‘月’ more..

Creative Dance Open Class

We were allowed to watch as Jocelle danced today..

There were only 4 girls in the class but one of the girls’ parents did not come..

We saw how they did stretches and simple sequences..

She posed for some pictures at the end of the lesson..


Stand upright


Jump like a frog


Galloping like a horse.. sticking out her tongue


Tippity toes!



Think my girl is quite flexible and she was able to follow the instructor’s instructions most of the time… proud of her!

Racial Harmony Day 2013

The ccc celebrated RHD today and the kids were excited to be in their Chinese and Indian ethnic costumes today…

We had actually planned to let both wear Chinese ones as we received a few from Brenda..

Yesterday however, my colleague, Shadidah, passed me an Indian sari that her daughter has outgrown.. The skirt seemed a little too long but we still let Jocelle try.. we didn’t know how to put it on for her so hubby did some research online while I tried to complete marking my compos..

We actually prepared another Cheongsam in case we could not put on the sari for princess today..

We were in a rush but hubby managed to put it on fairly well for her.. and voila! Here’s how they looked!


Do we look good?

They each had to bring a food item that is representative of any of the 4 ethnic groups in Singapore so daddy bought a curry puff and a spring roll before he sent them to the ccc.. l hope the kids learnt something about racial harmony today although l think kids know nothing about discrimination at this age… l feel that to them, everyone is a friend, regardless of race or religion, so long as he/she is a good person! Hope they will feel this way forever!

Happy RHD, everyone!

1st Mandarin Play: 三只小猪

Brought the kids to watch their 1st Mandarin play!


Waiting for the show to start!

I was actually very tired and thought I would fall asleep while watching but I was pleasantly surprised! Amusingly, the 3 little pigs were called 叉叉, 烧烧 &包包! The mother pig and the big bad wolf were great!

Many familiar local terms and issues like the haze were mentioned in the play too and we were able to relate quite well to them..

There was even a 红头巾 who sold the 3rd pig bricks! But I think we adults understand the terms better than the younger kids but they definitely enjoyed the play as much as us! The big bad wolf even walked down the aisle towards the stage at one point and gave some kids a not so pleasant surprise! Haha.. some of the younger kids even cried and had to be brought out of the theatre by their parents!

Anyway, we all had a great time watching the play! The kids requested to take photos with the poster and I gladly granted their wish..


Great show!

After the play, I was caught by surprise again when I heard someone calling me.. It was my sec school classmate! She was with another of my sec school classmate and both had brought their sons to watch the play too! What a happy encounter!


With Rubing(Daphne) & Yumei (Wendy)!

We then decided to watch the next play, The Tale of the Frog Prince, together. Hope it’ll be nice!

Perfect score!


Our hard work has paid off! Full marks for his 1st spelling!

Of cos we should praise him! Although the teacher in me will actually ask him to rewrite the number ‘2’ and the letter ‘y’.. hee..

Ok, this is a good start! With hard work (ours), I’m sure he can do well in the future spelling tests..

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Final part!

Didn’t plan to take leave today but decided to just take a day off to spend time with the birthday boy.. alone..

From our past experiences, Mei Mei would choose not to go to the ccc if Gor Gor was sick so if I were to tell her that I’ll be bringing Gor Gor out while she stays in the ccc, she’ll definitely not let us go.. hence, I didn’t tell both of them my plan until we were at the entrance of the ccc…

After the usual screening, I hugged Jocelle and sent her in, making an excuse that I wanted to talk to Gor Gor… Luckily, princess didn’t suspect anything and went into the ccc to join her friends..

Phew! Then I whispered to Jovan to tell him I’d be bringing him out alone.. he didn’t seem to believe me as he kept asking if it’s for real.. he also asked if Mei Mei would be joining us.. such a caring brother!

We went home 1st so he could change out of his uniform.. I asked him to decide how he wanted to spend the day and the first thing he requested to do was…


I love cycling!

He had a great time cycling for about 45min until he decided it was enough..

He took a shower before we made our way to…


Date with my little man!

A kind lady helped to take the above photo…

It is definitely much easier bringing out 1 kid than both.. I guess we wouldn’t be able to do much if Jocelle was around since she still can’t take many of the rides due to her lack of height.. also, she would ask to be carried..

Anyway, we managed to take some rides we had missed previously.. will not elaborate with words but here are some photos we took..


With the B-boys!


Cool Optimus Prime!




With the King of the day!




Special treat!



We were there from about 11am to 5pm but my boy was not satisfied and kept asking to stay a while longer..

Finally, I managed to get him out at around 5 plus after much persuasion…

We went to pick Mei Mei 1st before I brought the kids to take a shower…

Met up with hubby later before we went out for a nice dinner at Ichiban Boshi (again…)

After dinner, I decided to give the kids a treat.. main reason was to make it up to princess for not taking her out that day.. look at how happy they were!


Cheap but nice treat!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday Part 3

As mentioned in an earlier post, Jovan wanted a soldier theme for his birthday… that got me busy as I had to get camouflage party favours for the celebration at the ccc on Youth Day..

We decided to get green mugs from the Lifestyle Mart at Safra as they would be useful for the kids.. I also ordered some party hats which I had to collect all the way from Woodlands.. While I was there, I bought some kaleidoscopes.. the camou paper plates were from Spotlight and the green plastic spoons and forks were from Giant.. we also bought some green gummys and chocolates wrapped in green wrappers to fit the camou theme.. We even bought camou Ts for ourselves! We couldn’t find one for Jocelle so we ended up buying an adult size t-shirt for her and let her wear it as a dress! Haha.. all for the fun of it! Anyway, here are the pictures!


The loot!


The food!

Made some cupcakes on top of the 2nd fondant cake! The fondant cake definitely had room for improvement so I thought I would have some leftover but I was only left with the empty boxes! The kids also devoured all the cupcakes! I think the cupcakes turned out quite well and the kids loved the soldiers on the cupcakes! Some kept asking if they could really keep the soldiers.. haha.. so cute!


The people!

The kids were very impressed with Jovan’s soldier uniform while the teachers commented that the theme was awesome! We had an enjoyable time that day!

Oh yes, we even let the kids take photos with the birthday boy and keep the photos as mementoes!


The mementoes!

Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday Part 2

Emily suggested that we have a simple birthday celebration for Jovan at her place since he has asked her about it…

Told her we’ll just have a simple dinner and cake cutting ceremony…

She asked my cousins, Yvonne and Valerie, and their family to join us for dinner too… Didn’t tell them it was Jovan’s birthday as I didn’t want them to spend money buying more toys for Jovan..

When we reached Emily’s place, we were greeted by helium balloons and goodie bags! My sister really put in a lot of effort to make the kids happy! I’ll let the pictures do the talking!


Angry Bird!


Yiyi is so thoughtful!


Happy kiddos!

Despicable Me 2!

Went to watch the movie with the Chew family on Saturday but we couldn’t take a nice photo due to the poor lighting… haha.. the show was hilarious! The minions were really jokers! A truly entertaining show although Jocelle still can’t appreciate movies.. she asked for milk twice and even commented that she doesn’t like long shows… sigh..