Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Part 1

My dear son is turning 5 very soon.. I only planned to have a simple celebration at his ccc.. had been asking him which character he would like for his birthday cake.. he didn’t give me a clear answer until we watched Ah Boys to Men 2.. he decided that he want soldier cake..

Decided to Google a little for some inspiration and thought of making a fondant cake for the celebration at the ccc.. since it would be my 1st attempt at fondant cakes, I decided to try to bake one a week before the actual celebration in case it was a failure…

Used a simple chocolate cake recipe from and used ready to use  Whilton rolled fondant..


1st fondant cake!

It looks ok but the fondant was actually rather wet cos I stored the cake in the fridge.. it actually had flaws which were covered by the toy trucks.. haha..

Since I’ve already made the cake, we had an impromptu birthday celebration at Audry’s place.. we also got a set of army uniform from Toys “R” Us.. it came with some accessories too..


Soldier uniform


Soldier in the making!


Let's celebrate anyway!


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