Jovan’s Fabulous 5th Birthday! Part 1

My dear son is turning 5 very soon.. I only planned to have a simple celebration at his ccc.. had been asking him which character he would like for his birthday cake.. he didn’t give me a clear answer until we watched Ah Boys to Men 2.. he decided that he want soldier cake..

Decided to Google a little for some inspiration and thought of making a fondant cake for the celebration at the ccc.. since it would be my 1st attempt at fondant cakes, I decided to try to bake one a week before the actual celebration in case it was a failure…

Used a simple chocolate cake recipe from and used ready to use  Whilton rolled fondant..


1st fondant cake!

It looks ok but the fondant was actually rather wet cos I stored the cake in the fridge.. it actually had flaws which were covered by the toy trucks.. haha..

Since I’ve already made the cake, we had an impromptu birthday celebration at Audry’s place.. we also got a set of army uniform from Toys “R” Us.. it came with some accessories too..


Soldier uniform


Soldier in the making!


Let's celebrate anyway!


Bali June 2013 Day 3

Woken up by a knock on the door abt 5 plus in the morning.. I was with princess the night before as she said she was afraid to sleep with Gor Gor in the room without me.. I went back to my room after she was asleep cos I couldn’t sleep well in the super single bed with her..

She was crying when she saw me.. “Mummy, why you never sleep with me? I told you I’m scared if you don’t sleep with me…”

Haha.. I had to explain to her that I couldn’t sleep well beside her…

We had breakfast as 8am.. we didn’t change our order so we had pretty much the same stuff as the previous day..

The kids spent some time playing in the pool and then in the bathtub before we set off to the Discovery Shopping Mall at Seminyak.. we walked around a little but didn’t buy anything… shopping centres don’t really appeal to us actually… I was expecting some roadside stalls beside the mall where we can find some souvenirs or something… but before we could venture out.. we were attracted by the sea again..


Nice view!

It was very hot out there so we didn’t stay long outside… After that, we tried to explore the area and came across the Waterbom water theme park…

We decided to have lunch at Bubba Gum Shrimp Co.


Lunch! Spaghetti for the kids again!

The service staff were friendly and one even performed a trick to entertainment the kids..

After a filling lunch, we went to shop around for a short while before we proceeded to the pick up point.. the shuttle bus was already there when we reached…

We went back and again let the kids play in the pool for a while.. managed to convince them to take a short nap as we planned to go for a sunset dinner at the beach..

We paid 150 000rp for a trip to and fro the beach and the taxi driver told us he would wait for us at the car park while we enjoy our dinner..


Sunset dinner!

The ambience was great! We managed to catch the sun setting before dinner was served.. hubby chose a seafood set for 2 which cost 700 000rp… Very ex.. guess we’re paying for the view.. the kids were excited about playing with the sand so we let them have some fun while we enjoyed the dinner.. even though I just had rice with kang kong and nuts, I was rather full after drinking the coconut drink… Didn’t even manage to finish it!

After I was done, I spoon fed the kids as they continued playing with sand.. They managed to eat quite a lot actually.. Didn’t know they love seafood!

There was actually some live performances that kept the kids entertained…


Live band and cultural performances

My friend actually suggested that I get some bbq corn but we were too full to try it… hmmm… maybe next time.. hee..

We got back to the villa around 8pm so the kids were allowed to have a dip in the bathtub AGAIN!

Guess they must be fish in their past lives! Haha..

Bali June 2013 Day 2

We woke up at about 8am and Jovan was very excited about the pool and couldn’t wait to jump into the pool! I promised to let him swim after breakfast..


The private pool!

The service staff delivered our breakfast buffet to our villa at about 8.30am as requested.. we had chosen 4 sets of breakfast the previous night and we’ve decided to have our breakfast in our villa instead of going to the restaurant..


The breakfast spread!

Of course we couldn’t finish all the food! It was really too much!

As the kids were so excited to swim in the pool, we decided to skip the shuttle bus to the shopping centre which was scheduled to move off at 10am..


The shuttle service only brings us to 3 different places at designated times.. if we choose to go to somewhere else,  we would need to pay 150 000rp for each trip..

The kids finally had their first dip in the alluring pool!


Yeah! We love the pool!

We had a hard time trying to convince them that we would let them play in the pool after our trip to the beach.. Finally, they relented and played for a while in the bathtub before we got ready to catch the 11.30am bus to Nusa Dua beach.. The bus was late so we only left around 12pm.. the pick up time was hence pushed back to 4pm instead of 3.30pm..

The beach was not crowded and we managed to find a shady spot for the kids to play with the sand while we enjoyed the beautiful weather..


Having fun with the sand!


Lovely beach!

After a while, we decided to venture a little further to get some gear for the kids to play with sand.. we have some at home but didn’t bring cos we wanted to travel light…

After some walking, we decided to have our lunch at the Garden Cafe in Grand Hyatt Bali..


Colouring while waiting for our food..


We love spaghetti!

After our lunch, we went to one of the shops in the hotel to get 2 floats and a set of sand-playing gear.. then we headed to the beach again to let the kids play for a while more…


Playing with sand is fun!

We let them play till about 4pm when the hotel shuttle bus arrived.. the kids were reluctant to go but we reminded them that there’s a pool back in our villa so they were rather cooperative..

We then stopped by a mart to buy some cup noodles for dinner as we knew that the kids would be too tired to leave the villa for dinner..

Right after we got back, the kids wanted to swim so we granted their wish..


Let's try our new floats!

We had a great time in the pool! After that, the kids again spent some time in the bathtub before they were ready for dinner.. Princess actually fell asleep while drinking her milk so she didn’t take any solid food for dinner..

We found that there was a weird smell in the kids’ room and informed the service staff.. as we were having our dinner, 2 service staff came and checked the room to find the source of the smell but to no avail.. we finally decided to move to another villa which was just beside ours..

The following pictures show the slight differences between the 2 villas..


Villa B7


The kids' room in B7..


Villa B8

We didn’t mind the change since we didn’t pack a lot of stuff for this trip so the transfer was rather smooth..

At last, the kids can sleep in a room without a stench.. really thankful to the service staff for their prompt action!

Hubby’s birthday

We got back from Bali on hubby’s birthday and heard that there was a hailstorm at Jurong East earlier. So exciting! Apparently, the haze has cleared up and the PSI is within a healthy range.. phew…

Emily and Roger were at the airport waiting for us and the kids were excited to see their uncle and aunt! What great siblings I have! 😀

We had our lunch tea at Astons as we didn’t eat on the plane.. After that, packed dinner for Audry, Felix and mum from Astons before they sent us back..

We unpacked our stuff and took a shower before we made our way to Audry’s place..

I made an excuse to go to the nearby mall to get a cake for hubby..

A simple celebration but I think the kids enjoyed blowing out the candles more than their daddy!


Happy birthday, ♡!

Bali June 2013 day 1

When the kids boarded the plane, they kept telling me: ‘Mummy, there’s tv on the plane! See!’


They thought this was a tv!

It’s just some ad under the stowaway table.. It was so embarrassing as both were rather loud! Mei Mei even repeated conceitedly as she pointed to the ad: ‘Who says got no tv? There! Tv!’

I had to explain to her when we reached our seats that what she saw was not a tv.. she asked lots of questions and I had to try to get her to keep her volume down but it was to no avail..

Both were also waiting for meals to be served so I had to explain that we’re taking a budget plane and we did not order any food..

Princess managed to take a nap while I watched a Korean drama on my iPad as I’ve forgotten to bring my book in our rush..

By the time we touched down, it was about 7pm.. we decided to settle our dinner at one of the eateries near the airport cos we’re worried that there won’t be food at the villa..

We then got a taxi to send us to the villa.. There’s a Taxi Service booth at the airport where we could get a taxi and we were told that it would cost us 135 000rp..

We finally reached our destination at abt 9.30pm.. While hubby was checking in, we were each served a welcome drink..


Princess didn’t really like the pineapple juice but gladly posed for photos.. haha.

We took a few photos before we were led to our villa..
Jovan was so excited when he saw the pool that he kept asking to have a dip in the pool! We had to distract him by showing him the large bathtub..

They then settled for a bit of fun ‘swimming’ in the bathtub after I promised him that we’d let him swim in the pool the next morning…


Having fun in the bathtub!


The kids' room!


Getting ready to sleep with some soft music..


I've a big bed to myself!

Thought they would be sleepy after the flight but they kept coming over to our room.. the good and bad thing abt this villa is there’s no interconnecting door between the two bedrooms.. the kids have to go out of their room to get to ours..

I ended up sleeping with them cos princess told me she’s afraid to sleep in the other room! Haha..

Off to Bali!

Waiting to board the plane as we observe the clearer skies! Hopefully we can bring the haze with us to the country which is causing it!


The kids are excited as they observed the plane.. Jovan still has the idea that he can watch movies on board the plane.. he doesn’t understand that we’re flying budget this time.. haha..


Last min short trip!

It’s crazy, I know.. but we just decided to make a trip out of town to escape from the haze!


Made the booking last night at abt 1 plus in the morning and here we are, on our way to the airport!