Second Opinion

Daddy couldn’t accept the fact that Jovan has to wear specs so we brought him to SNEC for a second opinion.. He even requested for a senior consultant..

He was first examined by a Dr Sharon who actually said that he has 20/20 vision and seemed to be able to see well..

He then saw 2 more female optometrists.. the second one had the same conclusion as the first while the third said he has astigmatism.. 175 on the right and 250 on the left.. 25 degrees lower than the diagnosis in NOOCC..

We finally met Dr Quah, the senior consultant, who confirmed that Jovan has astigmatism but he also mentioned that Jovan has longsightedness which cancelled out his astigmatism such that he could still see well without specs..

We will be back in 6 months for a follow up… according to the doctor, there’s nothing much we can do to control astigmatism but we should still try to minimise tv time so that he won’t develop myopia..

After that, we still went to collect the specs from NOOCC.. He still couldn’t see very well with the specs on but we felt that it was because he had had a long day and he didn’t take his afternoon nap…

We’ll have to keep monitoring him.. and hopefully, his vision will be better or at least not worsen…

We just know that this will be an expensive condition… 😦


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