Birthday celebration..

Nope, not the kids.. It’s me.. I’m one year older.. and I hope wiser..

There were no romantic gestures or flowers from hubby, no elaborate celebrations, extravagant surprises, etc.. but I’m not complaining…

With FB, more pple were aware that it’s my birthday… I received many birthday greetings from friends, colleagues, ex-schoolmates, ex-colleagues and even ex-pupils from another FB account.. There were greetings from my family, relatives and friends on whatsapp too.. I appreciate every single one of them.. thanks for taking the time to send me your blessings and greetings!

I even got a pleasant surprise when I got to my desk in the morning!


From a sweet colleague!

Lovely colleagues shouted out birthday greetings to me throughout the day and each one of them warms my heart.. I’m grateful to have such sweet colleagues..

After school, hubby had lunch with me and sent me back before he went back to school for his CCA.. simple but lovely gesture…

Since there was time to spare, I decided to try out a new recipe when I got home..


Yummy nutella cupcakes!

While waiting for hubby, I also napped for a while and even had time to catch up on my reading! Really a fruitful day so far..

Hubby picked the kids after work and showered before we went out for dinner..


Waiting for our dinner!

We had a scrumptious Japanese vegetarian dinner at Zen @ Fortune Centre…



After a really filling dinner, we went to watch the laser show at MBS.. We took a leisure stroll before and after the show to help us burn off some fats.. hee..

But right after the show, my darling son told us he was hungry and that he wanted to eat doughnuts!

We bought some from 7-11 and the kids had a good time enjoying the doughnuts… they entertained us as they devoured the doughnuts.. 🙂




Yummy donuts!

After that, we went home… Just that.. a simple but fulfilling day.. Not even a birthday cake but I am counting my blessings… I have 1 practical hubby (of cos I can’t have 2 rite? Hee), 2 lovely kids (would love to have another :p) who make me laugh, 3 wonderful siblings who give me constant support and all the wonderful friends and colleagues around me.. what more can I ask for?

Oh, before I forget, some dear friends actually held a joint birthday celebration with me with a cake a few days earlier and we even took a family portrait! Oh.. we also had a mahjong session and I won! :p




The kids with the birthday boy, Ayden (in grey)!

I’m a blessed woman!


Trying to ride!

The kids woke up excitedly and kept asking to try out their new rides..

We took our breakfast and showered them before we helped them put on their safety gear..






Jovan can finally pedal correctly and was able to do it quite well.. Jocelle also seemed to get it although she probably needs more practice.. Hopefully we can let them cycle once a week.. here’s to healthy living! 🙂

Our 1st rides!

We had planned to bring the kids to cycle or build sandcastles at the beach after their Berries class..

After we had our lunch after their Chinese enrichment, we brought Jocelle to trim her hair.. that was when I spotted the Fuji Instax Mini 8 camera which I had been eyeing for a while.. Told hubby I wanna buy it and he told me it’ll be my birthday gift.. said he had already planned to buy it for me.. so much for surprises.. anyway, I bought some packs of film too! Think it’ll be fun!


New toy!

After lunch, we decided to drive in to Sentosa.. They could either cycle or we could go to USS if they changed their minds..

But alas, before we reached the car park, the kids had fallen asleep.. we decided to let them sleep longer..

It was about 4 plus when we decided to wake them up.. Jovan woke up readily but Jocelle carried on sleeping in the stroller..

We walked quite a distance to the kiosk under the scorching sun only to find that there were no bikes that were suitable for the kids.. sigh..

Shum then decided to buy bicycles for the kids from the Kiddy Palace at Marina Square.. That was it.. we spent some time choosing the bikes.. had to convince Jocelle to settle for a smaller  white bicycle instead of the only pink one which was too big for her…


We can't wait to try out our rides!

The kids had fun cycling to the lift.. Jovan was able to pedal the correct way while Jocelle needed a bit of help..

When we finally reached the car, Shum had a hard time trying to put the 2 bikes into the car.. Really think we should get a bigger car with a bigger boot.. sigh..

We left the bikes at home before we went to my parents’ place for dinner.. Told the kids we would let them cycle the next day…

Legoland May 2013

It was an impromptu decision.. My colleague, Denise, told us she planned to bring her daughter, Becky, to Legoland on Friday afternoon, right after school..

Another colleague, Wendy, was very keen to join her since we had nothing on that afternoon… However, her car was with her hubby.. As for me, I had planned to clear the second marking of the compos of my class that afternoon… Furthermore, the car was with Shum..

Then Wendy suggested that she get the car from her hubby, pick my 2 kids, send me home to get our passports and stuff before she picked her daughter, Tricia, then pick up their passports from her place.. really a hassle for her but she felt that since the weather was super hot, it’s ok even if we reach there at about 4..


We took auntie Wendy's car! 1st trip in without daddy!

The traffic was smooth at the checkpoint but we only reached the theme park at 4.45pm! The carpark was actually rather empty! However, we had only abt an hour to play!

We met up with Denise at The Academy..


Let's pose for a picture 1st!

Then we quickly went to try out the rides.. The first ride was the Dragon’s Apprentice. There was no queue! The problem was that Jocelle was too short for the ride.. in the end, we decided not to go on the ride while Denise and Wendy tried the ride with their girls..

We did not expect a technical fault that would cause them to be stuck mid-flight!

Poor girls! It was scorching hot and they were trapped there for abt 5-10 minutes!

We then moved on to the Royal Joust where the kids rode on the horses for 2 rounds..

We then moved on to Merlin’s Challenge. Again, Jocelle was too short for the ride.. Jovan managed to try out the ride twice before we moved on..

We went to try out Beetle Bounce which Jocelle could finally take.. Since there was no queue, they took the ride twice..

We then tried out the Pharaoh’s Revenge. We sat in one car with the 2 of them in front.. they didn’t hit any targets throughout the ride.. which is quite expected. Haha..

We wanted to go to The Shipyard to try to ride a boat but it was already closed since it was 6 when we reached there.. hmmm.. wanted to try our luck at the Junior Driving School but it was also closed..

No choice, we had to leave the park.. We then had dinner at this Japanese restaurant (can’t remember the name)..

After that, Wendy gave the kids a treat at Tutti Frutti.. The kids had a great time enjoying the frozen yoghurt treat!

Then we finally called it a day! Next time, we will plan a weekday trip in advance so the kids can play for a longer time in the park.. 🙂

Second Opinion

Daddy couldn’t accept the fact that Jovan has to wear specs so we brought him to SNEC for a second opinion.. He even requested for a senior consultant..

He was first examined by a Dr Sharon who actually said that he has 20/20 vision and seemed to be able to see well..

He then saw 2 more female optometrists.. the second one had the same conclusion as the first while the third said he has astigmatism.. 175 on the right and 250 on the left.. 25 degrees lower than the diagnosis in NOOCC..

We finally met Dr Quah, the senior consultant, who confirmed that Jovan has astigmatism but he also mentioned that Jovan has longsightedness which cancelled out his astigmatism such that he could still see well without specs..

We will be back in 6 months for a follow up… according to the doctor, there’s nothing much we can do to control astigmatism but we should still try to minimise tv time so that he won’t develop myopia..

After that, we still went to collect the specs from NOOCC.. He still couldn’t see very well with the specs on but we felt that it was because he had had a long day and he didn’t take his afternoon nap…

We’ll have to keep monitoring him.. and hopefully, his vision will be better or at least not worsen…

We just know that this will be an expensive condition… 😦

Can’t see clearly…

After getting the results of the eye check from the school, we had been testing him to see if he could read letters from afar… quite disappointing cos he would not be able to see letters that are small or too far from him..

Though reluctant to accept the truth that he has to wear specs, I thought we should not let the condition worsen.. Decided to bring him to NOOCC Eye Centre at Changi based on the recommendation by hubby’s colleague..

When we got there, the optometrist took some photos of his eyes and carried out several tests where he was supposed to read out letters and numbers flashed on the wall..


Let's check if I can see well

He didn’t do too well.. he would say ‘zero’ when he sees the numbers ‘6’, ‘8’ or ‘9’.. For letters, he’ll read ‘H’ as ‘M’ or ‘N’.. even the optometrist asked if he anyhow ‘hamtam’.. sigh…

After a series of tests, the optometrist told us that Jovan has astigmatism… and it was quite serious… sigh..

We then decided to choose a frame on the spot..


I look so studious, right?

He looked so happy but hubby and I know that he will feel otherwise after he experiences the inconvenience of wearing specs.. the optometrist recommended that he wears specs full time in the ccc so he will know what perfect vision is.. I guess he has been seeing blur images for the longest time..

Very sad.. We have always been restricting the amount of time the kids spend watching tv or playing on the iPad/phones for fear that they would develop myopia.. thought we have been doing a good job cos they really spend very little time in front of screens…

The optometrist explained that astigmatism may be caused by the rubbing of the eyes… However, as his eyes are still developing, the condition may change.. We will have to bring him back 3 months later to assess how he’s adapting to the specs as he may feel giddy wearing the specs and seeing clear images…

Hubby says it’s going to be an expensive accessory cos he could foresee Jovan breaking his specs very soon…

I can talk, you cannot!

I don’t worry about my girl being bullied.. I’m more worried about her bullying others.. sigh…


Need to apologise to the mummy.. hope it’ll never happen again…

I’m pretty sure she didn’t get that from me! Maybe it’s the daddy…