Dental Check!

The ccc is closed today as it’s their teacher training day..

Applied for childcare leave and took the opportunity to bring them to the dentist..

The kids were rather excited about the visit as the previous visit was not that scary..

There was a new dentist, Dr Ho, at the clinic and I later found out that they got the new dentist as Dr Phoon, the female dentist is expecting a baby girl who is due to arrive in a month!

Anyway, we met the Dr Ho and Mei Mei was so excited that she volunteered to go first!


I'm a brave girl!

The process was very fast.. Dr Ho counted her teeth.. 20 of them.. 2 of which were fused together… After that, her teeth were cleaned and polished… all done within 10 minutes and my girl was all smiles after the polishing was done..

Next, it was Jovan’s turn.. Dr Ho asked if he had done scaling before.. think he did simple scaling the previous time and he was not particularly affected by it… Dr Ho decided to do some scaling as his teeth was rather dirty.. At first, my boy was smiling and rather calm..


I'm not scared!

However, after some time, I realized that he was fidgeting… I could sense that he was getting uncomfortable… Dr Ho then asked him to stop moving as it was making it difficult for her to clean his teeth..

I was a bit worried cos I could tell that he was in pain.. went forward to check him and realised he was tearing.. I also saw some blood on his gums.. poor boy…

We decided to let him take a break while Dr Ho cleaned my teeth… She asked if I was aware that I grind my teeth while sleeping and I said yes.. she said there’s a risk of my teeth cracking due to the constant grinding.. said it’s common for one to grind the teeth when we are stressed… then she suggested that I should get a mouth guard to lessen the impact of my grinding.. hmm.. $350 and I would need to wear it every night.. hmm.. told her I would consider..

After I was done, we tried to coax Jovan to let Dr Ho finish off the scaling for him.. this time round, she did it manually.. think it was less painful for him…

She then told us to wait outside while she prepared balloons for the kids..


With their glove balloons!





Look how happy kiddos were.. While settling the bill, Dr Ho reiterated that I should get a mouth guard for myself to prevent further damage to my teeth.. Hmmm…


Not so perfect eyesight! :(


Jovan has his Health Assessment in the ccc today and from the vision test summary given to us, his left eye needs further reassessment.. I really hope he doesn’t need to wear glasses! And to think that we seldom let them watch tv or play games on our phones or iPad frequently! Hubby was very affected and told us that we’re gonna wake up early this Saturday to go for a walk in the park to be immersed in some greenery!

Legoland March 2013

We brought the kids to Legoland last Saturday with the usual gang.. the same 4 families who went on a road trip to Malaysia last Dec..

We couldn’t meet earlier as many of the kids had enrichment and I also had to be in school in the morning…

Mad rush for us as hubby had to pick the kids from Berries before coming to pick me from school.. decided to have a quick lunch at Clementi Mall but it’s a little bit of a challenge to make the kids understand the concept of fast.. they’ll take their own sweet time to savour their food or talk with their mouths full and forget about chewing.. then they’ll argue or fight over every single thing… then just when we thought we could make our way to the car after our lunch, they’ll tell you they need to ‘shhhee shhhee’.. What’s worse is when while sitting on the toilet bowl, they’ll tell you they suddenly have the urge to ‘poo poo’… then as you try to be as patient as possible to encourage them to ‘make their cake’, they’ll tell you: I have no more poo poo!

By then, you’ll just be very glad that you can get out of the washroom! Of cos, that is after you force them to wash their hands after they tell you: I never touch the toilet bowl! (My girl would roll her eyes as she says this.. almost e.v.e.r.y. t.i.m.e!)

Anyway, we finally got the kids into the car and was abt to exit the car park when a foreign car 2 cars ahead of us had problems exiting… It’s seems like delays would definitely occur every time you are late.. and this was not the only incident that occurred that day…

We finally met up with the Tans and the Chews at the petrol kiosk slightly after 3pm..

We soon made our way past the customs quite smoothly as traffic was not that heavy.. until we reached the toll… another car, also 2 cars ahead of us, had problems with his Touch n Go card so we were stuck in that lane for abt 5min and had to keep the rest waiting… really felt bad abt it..

We finally reached the Legoland car park around 3.30pm.. and realised that we had to pay parking fees! And I’ve always taken for granted that parking is free in Malaysia! However, it’s not really expensive as we only had to pay a maximum of RM7 if we park for 4 hours or more.. Don’t think you can find this rate in Singapore.. think RWS and MBS..

It was a super HOT day although the kids didn’t seem to mind.. We took a long walk to the theme park and my boy was holding Ashley’s hand throughout the walk. . So sweet!



All of us tried to fight the heat with shades and brollies.. really super hot!

We first went to a shady spot! The Junior Driving School!


Let's hone our driving skills!

The kids had a great time driving while we adults tried to hide from the sun… it was not very crowded so the kids queued up for the ride again..


Very proud of my princess as she was able to maneuver the car very well on her second try.. much better than the previous time! Hubby predicted that she’ll probably get her driving licence before her brother.. that how much he belittles his son.. tsk tsk tsk..

We then decide to go watch a show, mainly to escape from the heat! We didn’t have to wait long as the kids developed their creativity at Build Test while some of us took our nature breaks before we went to the waiting area to wait for the show which would start at 5.15pm..

While waiting, we were told by Brenda that we were going to watch the latest 4D Movie Xperience show – The Legends of Chima! Look at how cool the kids were!


Cool babes!


Where's my boy?

This seems to be the latest craze for the kids although I’ve never heard of it before.. the show was not bad, the skunk was funny, but I’m not sure that I would let my kids watch the cartoon.. haha.. Jovan was on my lap throughout the show as he had cried twice while watching 3D shows… haha.. this time though, he didn’t cry..

After the show, some of the kids queued up to take photos with the Chima lion mascot…


Girl Power!


Not all the boys were keen

After the photo taking session, we went up the Observation Tower since there was no queue..

After that, some of the kids went to try out Kids Power Tower in which they had to pull themselves up.. most of them were accompanied by their daddies but my man got lucky when Jocelle was turned away as she was too short.. haha..

We then proceeded to Kingdoms where my kids went for some horseriding fun at Royal Joust..

Jocelle didn’t meet the minimum height requirements but the staff didn’t really check so she actually tried out the ride thrice! They had loads of fun!


I'm tall enough for this ride!


My 3rd time@

After that, the kids spent their remaining energy at The Forestmen’s Hideout while we ladies had a good chitchat..

We made our way out at about 7.30pm and decided to have our dinner at BK as we were sure the kids would fall asleep the moment they sit in their car seats..

It was fun observing how the kids break out and sit with friends of the same gender during dinner.. My 2 kids kept asking if we would visit the theme park again.. I’m sure we will since our annual passes will only expire in September.. we were even discussing about going to USS together! Hopefully, we can have a monthly meet up so we can catch up regularly while the kids can have fun playing with their usual playmates!

I’m already looking forward to the next meet up! 🙂

We can pack our bags!

Every evening, hubby and I will have to do the same things.. wash the kids water bottles, milk bottles, toothbrush etc.. we’ll need to pack a set of their uniforms or bedsheets and sometimes swimwear or materials for Jovan’s abacus class as well as plastic bags to keep their soiled clothes.. simple job but sometimes when there’s a lot of work to do, packing their bags would be the last thing on our minds..

2 nights ago, I decided to delegate the job to the kids.. surprisingly, both were very happy to help! They readily agreed to pack their bags and Jovan actually helped Jocelle to pack hers..


We are mummy's little helpers!

Yes! Hope their enthusiasm will last!

Hong Kong March 2013 Part 4 @ Disneyland

Final day here.. We didn’t wake up especially early so we were only out at abt 10 plus.. All ready to leave the luggage at the luggage deposit cos the check out time was 12 noon..

We went to the theme restaurant for breakfast.. barely made it as we were told that they would be closing breakfast in half an hour’s time..

Quickly grabbed whatever we thought we could finish eating.. Mickey mouse theme so we took some cute stuff for the kids..


Food galore!

After the breakfast, we dropped our luggage and took the shuttle to Disneyland again.. Still as crowded or maybe more crowded as it was a Saturday.. We wanted to take the railway ride but the queue was too long.. Then we decided to visit Tomorrow Land again to let the kids try to drive some cars.. Jocelle, my sleeping beauty, decided that she needed more sleep.. so while she drank her milk and slept, daddy brought Jovan to try out an interactive ride first..

We finally went to try the Journey to the Future ride! Was told that the waiting time was an hour but think we didn’t wait that long.. maybe 45 min? The kids had great fun! Both took the driver seat although mummy and daddy controlled the steering and speed..


I can drive!

After that, we went to watch the Lion King show…


Lion King!

We took our time and took a raft ride to visit Tarzan’s Tree House..

After the ride, the kids started to fight to sit on the rented stroller.. to placate them, we had to bribe them.. sigh..


Minnie and Mickey ice cream!

Finally, we decided to bring the kids to take the rail.. This was the 1st ride Jovan requested to take but it eventually was the last ride we took!


Disneyland Railway

Hubby was worried that we might miss the transfer to the airport but we had sufficient time to change the kids and I also managed to do some last minute shopping before the guide from the agency came to pick us..

Then we reluctantly said bye bye to one of my favourite countries.. I’m sure I’ll be back again one day.. 🙂

On the plane, we did some camwhoring for fun too.. haha..


Photo Fun! We're going home!

Jovan’s final Hep A vaccination

Dawson Place Clinic called to remind us that Jovan’s final Hep A jab was due..

Hubby made an appointment on Sat, 6 April… The night before, I told Jovan to sleep early as we had to leave home earlier to bring him to the clinic before their Berries class.

When told that he was going to see Doctor Chong, he asked why.. I prepared him by telling him that he was going for an injection.. He seemed a bit concerned and told me he didn’t want any injection…

Like all mummies, I had to try to convince him that there was nothing to worry about. “You’re a big boy now. You have to be brave. It’ll not be painful.” All those didn’t work until I threw in a white lie.. “You’ll grow taller after you take the injection!” Widening his eyes, my boy broke into a smile… Convinced that he would be taller after the jab, he went straight to bed.. haha..

The next day, he seemed ready for the jab.. He told Dr Chong that he knew he had to take a jab and that it would make him taller… haha.. Dr Chong asked about whether he could recognise letters and words.. he did a simple check.. he could recognise letters but not words.. sigh.. this bad mummy must do more.. :p
Anyway, after that, he braced himself for the jab..


Pain pain

He winced a bit but didn’t cry.. Good job, my dear boy!! Think the next jab he’ll have to take will only be due when he goes to primary school.. phew.. erm.. meanwhile, this mummy needs to try to teach him to read.. :p

Hong Kong March 2013 Part 3 @ Disneyland


Toy Story Land!

The next stop after the parade was the latest addition to the theme park-Toy Story Land! Notice that my son was still holding on to his gun.. haha..

Just as we entered, our attention was grabbed by some green soldiers.. I still remember my brother playing with those small green soldiers when he was young.. They’ve all come alive!


Participating in the fun march!

Jovan joined in the fun by following the instructions of the soldiers.. they basically had to march around and stop to strike a pose when told to do so.. Jovan seemed a bit unsure but he was generally able to follow the instructions… he got to stand beside one of the soldiers so that soldier held his hand as he marched.. it was quite entertaining so Jovan really enjoyed himself!


I like green soldiers!

The next ride we tried on was the Parachute Drop..

The queue was rather long but my kids knew how to entertain themselves…



It was quite an interesting ride and we could feel the excitement when we were ‘dropped’.. I kept checking if Jocelle was ok as she is so small but was surprised that she actually told me she wanted to take the ride again! My brave princess is fearless! Jovan sat with his daddy and he too seemed to have enjoyed the ride!

After this, hubby wanted to get our room so he suggested that he make a trip to the hotel with Jocelle while I bring Jovan on other rides..

I brought Jovan to take a river cruise at Adventure Land.. We queued up for the boat with English commentary… quite an interesting cruise as we were told a story as we cruised along and we saw a number of ‘animals’ along the way..


Curious boy

Before I could bring him to try out another ride, I found out from hubby that he couldn’t get to the hotel as my princess had fallen asleep and had refused to get out of the stroller to board the shuttle bus.. hmm.. We then met up near the entrance..

Subsequently, we moved on to Tomorrow Land where we took a space ship ride that was very similar to the Dumbo ride..



After this ride, we wanted to let the kids drive some cars but the queue was estimated to take 45min.. we decided to try another ride but princess asked for milk so we rested for a while.. While she was drinking her milk, I brought Jovan to try out Space Mountain, an indoor roller coaster ride.. The staff warned me that it would be a fast ride with lots of sharp turns.. I asked Jovan several times to confirm if he was keen on the ride and he kept smiling and assuring me that he would be fine..

After the ride, he kept repeating that this ride was not suitable for Mei Mei.. haha.. when I asked if he wanted to try it again, his reply was negative as expected.. Frankly speaking, it was indeed a thrilling ride! I’m so proud of him for not crying.. hee..

We then went on to have our dinner as we still had about an hour or so before the fireworks..


Dinner time!

The fireworks display was nice but I feel that the one at USS was more spectacular, maybe because we could sit closer to where the fireworks were launched…


Night view of castle

Finally, after the fireworks, we could get back to our hotel to see our room!


Mickey galore!


Mickey theme toiletries

Finally! The kids took a bath in the tub before they went to bed.. I was dead beat! 1 more day at Disneyland the next day and we’d be back home… time flies, especially when you are having a great time…