Got a call from the ccc just now…

Must be something bad.. Is either of them unwell? Did any accidents happen?

The phone was passed to Teacher Sabrina.. She complained that Jovan had eaten Lucas Tay’s cake  (stealing!) while Lucas was brushing his teeth after lunch.. He was keeping it for his tea!

Teacher Sabrina went on to say that Jovan denied eating the cake initially but everyone knew he was lying as there were crumbs all over his mouth.. Hmm.. He couldn’t even tell a convincing lie.. Sigh.. He then told her he had asked for permission but she thought it was impossible since Lucas was in the washroom.. Sigh.. It must be a chocolate cake. Jovan loves to eat, especially chocolatey stuff. This son of mine loves to eat!

The good thing was that he actually shared the piece of cake (which didn’t belong to him) with another friend…

Hmm.. Gotta talk to him later:
1) It’s wrong to take other people’s things without permission.
2) It’s wrong to lie.
3) Do not be such a glutton!

But should I praise him for sharing the piece of cake with his friend??

Sigh.. We’ve been getting complaints from the ccc abt him.. Lucas Tay & Lucas Yeo used to be the 2 most notorious boys in his class but it seems like my boy is going to take over them..

They have complained about him not taking his afternoon naps, not putting in effort in his work, kicking Branson & Lucas for nothing and not packing his bag..

We’ve tried talking to him and making him stand at the naughty corner.. I’ve even caned and reminded him every morning to behave.. Sigh.. What am I supposed to do with him??


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