He’ll do anything for ‘love’

My son will do anything for love.. Haha..

I was showering him after lunch when he told me he wanted to put ‘the clip’ on his nose after his shower..

‘The clip’ is actually a gadget that hubby bought some time ago to sharpen my dear son’s flat, button nose (no thanks to my genes.. Sigh.. Sorry..)

Anyway, since he didn’t like it previously, I asked..

Me: Why do you want to wear the clip?
Jov: because I want to be handsome.
Me: Why do you want to be handsome?
Jov: because I want Becky to like me..

I’m amused by how he would do things that he thought Becky would like.. Haha..

Haha.. Anyway, I granted him his wish..

He couldn’t wear it for long cos it really makes breathing difficult..


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