He’ll do anything for ‘love’

My son will do anything for love.. Haha..

I was showering him after lunch when he told me he wanted to put ‘the clip’ on his nose after his shower..

‘The clip’ is actually a gadget that hubby bought some time ago to sharpen my dear son’s flat, button nose (no thanks to my genes.. Sigh.. Sorry..)

Anyway, since he didn’t like it previously, I asked..

Me: Why do you want to wear the clip?
Jov: because I want to be handsome.
Me: Why do you want to be handsome?
Jov: because I want Becky to like me..

I’m amused by how he would do things that he thought Becky would like.. Haha..

Haha.. Anyway, I granted him his wish..

He couldn’t wear it for long cos it really makes breathing difficult..


Helpful Gor Gor

The kids were playing together with their toys when Jocelle approached her brother..

Mei: Gor Gor, I want to go shh shhee..
Gor: Go lor..
Mei: Can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (didn’t move)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (got up and held Mei Mei’s hand as they went to the washroom.)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wait for me outside? Sit on the chair (stool actually).
Gor Gor went back to his toys..
Gor: Mei Mei, I wait for you here, ok?
When Mei Mei was done..
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wear for me?
Gor Gor reluctantly helped Mei Mei put on her pants..

Hee.. I’ve got a reluctant but good helper! 😉