Kids’ Talk

Jovan was doodling when he said, “I want to draw Ah Gu (my bro)”

He drew a circle…
Daddy: Where’s Ah Gu’s hair?
Jovan: I draw Ah Gu’s hair here? (pointing to his own armpit cheekily)
Jocelle: Ah Gu got hair on his armpit.
L (my cousin): Do you have hair on your armpit?
Jocelle: No…
L: Why you don’t have hair on your armpit?
Jocelle: Because mummy never give me!
Me: ….



First homework for the year…


Not too difficult but I’m gonna play cheat a little.. hee..


Got a call from the ccc just now…

Must be something bad.. Is either of them unwell? Did any accidents happen?

The phone was passed to Teacher Sabrina.. She complained that Jovan had eaten Lucas Tay’s cakeย  (stealing!) while Lucas was brushing his teeth after lunch.. He was keeping it for his tea!

Teacher Sabrina went on to say that Jovan denied eating the cake initially but everyone knew he was lying as there were crumbs all over his mouth.. Hmm.. He couldn’t even tell a convincing lie.. Sigh.. He then told her he had asked for permission but she thought it was impossible since Lucas was in the washroom.. Sigh.. It must be a chocolate cake. Jovan loves to eat, especially chocolatey stuff. This son of mine loves to eat!

The good thing was that he actually shared the piece of cake (which didn’t belong to him) with another friend…

Hmm.. Gotta talk to him later:
1) It’s wrong to take other people’s things without permission.
2) It’s wrong to lie.
3) Do not be such a glutton!

But should I praise him for sharing the piece of cake with his friend??

Sigh.. We’ve been getting complaints from the ccc abt him.. Lucas Tay & Lucas Yeo used to be the 2 most notorious boys in his class but it seems like my boy is going to take over them..

They have complained about him not taking his afternoon naps, not putting in effort in his work, kicking Branson & Lucas for nothing and not packing his bag..

We’ve tried talking to him and making him stand at the naughty corner.. I’ve even caned and reminded him every morning to behave.. Sigh.. What am I supposed to do with him??

Kids are boring..

Yes, they are so boring…

Bought so many books to read to them thinking I could expose them to different stories… These are only 65 of the many books we have bought and you would think that I would be able to read a different book to them each day and they would last at least 2 months..

But my boring kids only like these three books..

Hmm… I’ve been reading these books to them for the past few nights and I’m getting bored (yawnzzz) reading the same books although I try as much as I can to vary the way I read to them each time so they won’t be bored.. Oh wait! Maybe that’s why they kept asking me to read the same books to them! Hee.. (not a brag but I think I’m not bad a storyteller.. Hee Hee.. ๐Ÿ˜œ)

He’ll do anything for ‘love’

My son will do anything for love.. Haha..

I was showering him after lunch when he told me he wanted to put ‘the clip’ on his nose after his shower..

‘The clip’ is actually a gadget that hubby bought some time ago to sharpen my dear son’s flat, button nose (no thanks to my genes.. Sigh.. Sorry..)

Anyway, since he didn’t like it previously, I asked..

Me: Why do you want to wear the clip?
Jov: because I want to be handsome.
Me: Why do you want to be handsome?
Jov: because I want Becky to like me..

I’m amused by how he would do things that he thought Becky would like.. Haha..

Haha.. Anyway, I granted him his wish..

He couldn’t wear it for long cos it really makes breathing difficult..

Helpful Gor Gor

The kids were playing together with their toys when Jocelle approached her brother..

Mei: Gor Gor, I want to go shh shhee..
Gor: Go lor..
Mei: Can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (didn’t move)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you go with me?
Gor: Ok.. (got up and held Mei Mei’s hand as they went to the washroom.)
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wait for me outside? Sit on the chair (stool actually).
Gor Gor went back to his toys..
Gor: Mei Mei, I wait for you here, ok?
When Mei Mei was done..
Mei: Gor Gor, can you wear for me?
Gor Gor reluctantly helped Mei Mei put on her pants..

Hee.. I’ve got a reluctant but good helper! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Missing Princess

Was doing work in the living room when I heard a tapping sound coming from the kids’ room.. Hubby went to check it out.. Then he asked me if I could spot Jocelle.. I scanned the entire room.. She was neither on her bed nor on Jovan’s bed.. I looked everywhere… My princess is missing!

Hubby switched on the light and pointed to where she was.. Make a guess….



Sigh.. Had to scare her out of her hiding place by telling her a lizard was under the bed.. Wonder what she was thinking… *rolls eyes*

We’ve got mail!

We got a surprise in the mail today!


Jocelle was delighted when I showed her the card! She managed to point to the correct characters and said ็ˆธ็ˆธ and ๅฆˆๅฆˆ, although I think the pictures helped a lot.. Hee.. Think it’s a good move to send her to Berries!

Although she doesn’t like to converse with us in Mandarin, I think she’s quite capable of doing it with her Chinese teachers.. As mentioned in my previous post, the teachers at Berries (actually, even ่ฏ—่€ๅธˆ at the ccc) adore her.. We often get feedback that she’s very attentive and responsive (read: talkative! Haha) in class..

Although it’s not my intention to compare, we’ve noticed that her diction is actually clearer than her brother, even in English.. Guess girls are naturally better than boys linguistically?

Just look at what I’ve posted a few days ago on FB.. Hee..


Careless mummy!

I’ve been very careless for the past 2 weeks.. I guess I’ve been busy with work, even at home..

The following shows how careless I’ve been:
– I’ve forgotten to put plastic bags to keep the soiled clothes for the kids at the ccc.. (not the 1st time.. ๐Ÿ˜)
– I’ve packed an extra towel for Jovan for his swimming lesson but forgot his swimwear.. (what was I thinking!?!)
– I’ve forgotten to pack the materials for Jovan’s abacus class..
– I used Jovan’s Berries bag for his piano books but I forgot to replace the books with his Berries materials when it’s time for his Chinese class..
– I’ve packed Jocelle’s medicine for her teachers to feed her at the ccc.. But I forgot the syringe!
– I’ve packed Jovan’s pyjamas for him to change into after his shower at my mum’s place… But I forgot his underwear! (this happened before too! ๐Ÿ˜œ)

Argh! Think I’m getting old! Actually, I don’t mind getting old.. I just don’t like the side effects that come with it! Haha.. Anyway, I hope I won’t have to add on to the list above.. Heard that ginkgo nuts help improve memory but I don’t like them.. But this has nothing to do with memory, right? Hmm.. Maybe the best solution is to be a SAHM?? Hee..

Hubby, got the hint?? *wink wink*

Princess is unwell

Princess is not well.. Actually, she has been unwell for more than a week.. She started with a runny nose.. Then she started coughing.. And for the past week, we would get very stressed whenever she coughed as we always had to clean up the mess after she ‘merlioned’..

We got some cough medicine from Eu Yan Sang.. She seemed to be slightly better, or so we thought.. Hmm.. Her cough was still phlegmy but there was no fever.. We just kept asking her to drink water..

Due to work commitments, both of us couldn’t take Childcare leave and would pray hard every morning that she would pass the morning screening at the ccc..

Just last Saturday night, she came over at around 3am and asked to sleep with us.. She complained that she couldn’t breathe so I gave her some nose drops to clear her nose.. Then at about 4am, we found that she was very hot.. 40 degrees Celsius! I gave her ibuprofen to bring down her temperature.. Then we sponged her for a while.. In the end, we gave her a cold shower to bring down her temperature.. Sigh..

Her fever kept coming back so we prayed hard that she’d be better today..

This morning, her temperature hit 39.. I decided that it’s time I brought her to the doctor.. I know there were things to be done at work but I’m sure I’m not indispensable at work and that my girl needed me more today.. Finally, I decided to take childcare leave to bring her to Dawson Place Clinic..

She was given Augmentin, Salbutamol, Rinathiol and Fedac.. She was also given Flumicil to help clear her phlegm.. Doc says there was no wheezing and that the fever should go away after 2 days of antibiotics.. And for the record, her weight was 13.4kg…

She slept a lot throughout the day.. Hopefully all the rest she had would be useful for her recovery..

She was still cheerful most of the time although she got a bit cranky when she felt sleepy..

She was still active and playful enough able to wink when I brought her to Yakun for breakfast! ๐Ÿ™‚