Baking Fun!

The kids had a cookie baking session at Wendy’s place yesterday..

It was a really hands-on session cos the kids got their hands all buttery and sticky with Aunty Wendy’s step-by-step instructions..

They first posed for photos..

Then, they added the butter to the flour and sugar..

After that, they mixed the almond nuts and cornflakes together with the mixture.. They decided to add in some chocolate chips too!

Finally, they rolled the dough slightly before putting them into the mini paper cupcake cases..


While the cookies were baking, the kids had loads of fun playing with toys in Tricia’s room!

Thank you, Aunty Wendy for hosting and allowing the kids to mess up your house!


Puppy Love?

People will do anything they can to please someone they like, don’t they?

I think it’s true for many people, especially my dear son.. It’s a bit early for him but it’s very evident recently that he’s one who will do anything to please the person he likes.. And for now, that person is Becky, my colleague’s daughter..

Since he was introduced to Becky last year, he has been ‘smitten’ with her.. He often tells us that he likes her and that he wants to marry her.. She’s an adorable girl.. Very mature and sensible for her age.. Even my hubby adores her.. We find it amusing whenever he tells us that he likes her.. He’ll also smile shyly whenever we talk about her..

He likes her so much that we could even make him do things we want him to do just by mentioning her name!

For example, there was once when he refused to eat the chicken in his bowl.. Hubby then told him that he would call Becky to tell her about it and guess what my boy did? Yes, my dear son gobbled up all the chicken in his bowl and asked for more cos his daddy told him that Becky likes boys who eat a lot of meat!

Today, he demonstrated his ‘love’ for Becky again.. I have asked him to help me carry a bag of towels but he refused, telling me it’s heavy.. After I commented that Becky likes strong man, my darling son immediately took the 2 bags from my hands.. To encourage and praise him, I told him I’ll take a photo of him and show Becky how strong he was.. He gamely posed for photos…


I was rather amused by the episode until my sister commented that I should be worried cos he will probably forget about me once he gets a girlfriend or wife..

Hmm.. My dear son, would you abandon me if the love of your life ask you to in future???

Piano Lesson 3 with Teacher Elmira

Jovan went for his 3rd piano lesson today, his first lesson with Teacher Elmira..

Teacher Elmira seemed more experienced.. She’s friendly and motherly too.. She looked at the feedback from Teacher Ina before she started her lesson.. She revised with Jovan the number of counts for semibreve, minim and crotchet before getting him to try to play the C, D and E notes..

Jovan was corrected on his posture as well as the way he played.. He was reminded to sit up straight and rest his feet on a stool.. His fingers were too stiff so Teacher Elmira reminded him to relax his fingers.. However, he seemed to have difficulty doing so and needed frequent reminders and guidance..
She alternated between practical and theory so Jovan wouldn’t be bored..

Jovan was made to read out the notes as he played and eventually made him sing as he played.. I’ll try this at home when I revise with him.. If I can find the time.. :p

She said Jovan should revise every day or at least 4 times before his next lesson.. Aiyoh.. How to find the time??

He was able to understand this teacher better so I guess it’s worthwhile to change to this teacher..

However, after the lesson, he told me he didn’t want to learn piano and that he preferred drums instead..

After a discussion with hubby, we decided to just let him carry on with the lessons.. It’ll take time but I hope he’ll eventually learn to like playing the piano.. I’ve decided not to stay with him during his lessons but to just get feedback from Teacher Elmira regarding his performance after every lesson.. I don’t want to be a distraction.. I’ll just let him learn at his own pace.. No pressure on him and myself.. πŸ™‚

Kids’ talk

On the way to my mum’s place to drop the kids before we go for our facial appointment, I called mum to get ready to come down to pick the kids..

Mei: Mummy, just now you call who?
Me: Ah Ma..
Mei: Why you call Ah Ma?
Me: I’m asking her to get ready to pick you.. You go up with Ah Ma later, ok?
Gor: Where are we going?
Me: Ah Ma’s place..
Gor: Then you leh?
Me: We’re going for our facial, children cannot go..
Gor: What is facial?
Me: We are going to clean our faces.
Gor: They will poke your face?
Me: Yes..
Mei: You all very brave??
Me: Yes..


2 more kids? Bring ‘them’ on!

Nope.. I’m not expecting twins.. hee.. Though I would love to have more kids, I would have to do a lot (really a lot!) to convince my man before I can actually have another kid (or 2? hee..) ‘No money, no time, no energy, blah blah blah..’ These are very good reasons for me to understand why he doesn’t want more kids..

Anyway, back to the subject of this post–> Sleepover! We hosted our first sleepover for the kids last Friday! It all started with a Junior Monopoly board game we bought for Becky.. With a casual suggestion from Becky that we should have a sleepover, I decided to offer my place for Becky and Tricia to sleep over since I was not confident that Jocelle would be able to sleep over at someone else’s place..

Wendy and family picked Denise and Becky on their way to my place and they reached at about 9pm.. Tricia made herself comfortable the moment she came in.. Guess she’s not new to sleepovers.. Becky, however, seemed a little shy when she came in.. Anyway, they went straight into the kids’ room while we adults chatted for a while.. The mummies assured me that I could call them even at 3am if there was a need.. I assured them that I would keep the kids entertained too.. hee..

Becky's luggage

Becky’s luggage

Tricia's Dora bag

Tricia’s Dora bag

After the mummies left, hubby entertained the kids while I took my shower.. When I came out of my shower, hubby readily passed on the duty to me while he settled some chores..

Tricia got excited with the nail polish set that Brenda got for Jocelle and started painting her nails.. Jocelle of course joined in readily..

Look at my colourful nails!

Look at my colourful nails!

Meanwhile, Becky got her Monopoly out and started dividing out the money enthusiastically while the others looked on..

Monopoly time!

Monopoly time!

However, Becky soon gave up playing Monopoly as the others did not seem to understand the rules of the game.. haha..

Then Tricia and Becky decided to use the Princess dressing table and put on some accessories..

Are we pretty?

Am I pretty?

They soon got tired of being pretty and decided to get domestic.. hee..

Let's cook up a storm!

Let’s cook up a storm!

When it was 11 plus, I tried to make them sleep by laying two mattresses on the floor..

Ready to sleep??

Ready to sleep??

Do you think they would call it a day? Fat hope! All told me that they were not sleepy! I then brought out the iPad to entertain them for a while..

Bedtime stories on iPad!

Bedtime stories on iPad!

After a few stories, I got them to choose where they wanted to sleep before I switched off the lights.. Tried to talk them into lying down.. Told them I would let them bathe in my bathtub the next morning if they slept soon.. All except Becky were cooperative.. Becky insisted that she was not sleepy and sat on the mattress.. hmmm.. Although the other 3 were lying down, they were still not ready to sleep.. Soon, Jovan fell asleep on the mattress so I carried him to his bed to make space for the others.. Jocelle chose to sleep on the mattress and not her own bed.. After several unsuccessful attempts at making the girls sleep, I decided to show them the movie Charlotte’s Web.. I thought it would definitely make them fall asleep..

Movie time!

Movie time!

I switched off the lights in the living room and went back to my room after telling them to look for me if they needed assistance.. My eyes really could not take it any longer.. After some time, I went out to check to see if they were asleep but I found that Jocelle was the only one who fell asleep.. I carried her to her bed.. Yes! 2 down, 2 more to go.. I can do it! Haha..

I let the remaining 2 continue with the movie but soon after, both came into my room.. Tricia said her eyes were tired while Becky said hers were painful.. Told them they were tired and needed to rest as it was already 12.30am.. Tricia conceded defeat and decided finally to lie down and sleep.. It didn’t take long for her to enter dreamland.. Becky again said she was not tired and didn’t want to lie down.. She told me she wanted to go out of the room.. I went out with her to sit on the sofa.. She didn’t want to sleep with me on my bed.. I got her to lie down on a cushion on the sofa and started patting her and chatting with her.. Soon, and finally, she told me she wanted to sleep! I continued patting her lightly till she fell asleep.. Phew! It was already 1.30am when she fell asleep! I didn’t move her into the room for fear that I would wake her up..

I woke up a few times to check on the kids and at about 7.39am, when I went to check on Becky, I saw her stretching herself.. She’s awake! She saw me and said cheerfully, “I wake up very early, right?” Oh my! Yes! She’s very early considering that she only fell asleep at 1.30am! That’s only 6 hours of sleep! She’s going to need a nap in the day! I got her to go into the room to wait for her friends to wake up, hoping that she might go back to sleep again..

Soon, however, all the other 3 woke up.. Time for breakfast!

Breakfast time!

Breakfast time!

Tricia and Becky told me they would eat anything so I prepared pandan bread with cheese and milo for them.. Tricia didn’t like cheese after taking a bite so I gave her another piece of bread with tuna..

As promised, after their breakfast, I let them bathe in my bathtub.. Jovan was excluded though as he’s the only boy.. He couldn’t understand why we didn’t let him join the girls and cried as daddy showered him.. sigh….

Bubble bath time!

Bubble bath time!

After their bath, Tricia started painting her nails again as the nail polish had been washed off and of cos, my vain princess wanted to paint hers too..

Nail spa again!

Nail spa again!

Meanwhile, Wendy called and said she would pick up the girls at about 10 am..
Jovan and Becky played with Playdoh for a short while before they decided that they didn’t like the gooey and sticky Playdoh..



Becky went into the room and asked to play with other toys.. I suggested Lego..

Lego? I don't know what to build..

Lego? I don’t know what to build..

The 4 kids were playing together with some other toys when Wendy reached my place.. Becky was not ready to leave so she told Denise that she wanted to stay a while more with us.. We decided we could send her back while Jovan and Jocelle went for their Berries classes.. Tricia was very affectionate and hugged me real tight before she left.. She commented that my place was like a hotel to her.. haha.. Yes, she could play, paint her nails, stay up late and take a bubble bath.. It really seemed like a hotel stay to her.. πŸ™‚
Shortly after they left, we had to leave for ARC..

Waiting for the car~

Waiting for the car~

After we sent Jocelle for her lesson, we brought Jovan and Becky to Barcook to get some buns.. Jovan insisted that he was hungry and requested for a raisin cheese bun again! Becky chose to have a sausage bun as she loved sausages.. She said she could ‘eat sausages a million times’! haha.. She’s really adorable.. After Jovan finally went for his class, we bought a hot chocolate for Becky as she continued to eat her sausage bun while we had a cup of latte..

Break time!

Break time!

We hung around the mall for a while and Becky soon fell asleep while I was carrying her.. She must be tired with the little sleep she had.. Just when Jovan’s class ended, Becky woke up and said cheerfully,”I took a short nap!” haha.. A power nap really..

After that, we sent Becky back before we had our lunch at West Coast Plaza.. I was tired.. sleepy.. exhausted.. Mainly because of lack of sleep.. Hee.. Getting old already..

We made our way back home after lunch and it was already 4pm when I finished taking my shower.. I couldn’t take it anymore… I needed a nap.. and I took a nap till about 6pm..

No.. It’s not that I cannot handle 4 kids.. I am sure I can handle 4 kids.. hee.. I managed to entertain them fairly well, I think.. and they seemed to have enjoyed themselves… hee.. but I need them to sleep early.. not at 1.30am! Haha..

Well, it was a fun experience.. tiring but fun.. My kids enjoyed the company of their playmates too.. We can do this again in future… Maybe during the hols.. Hee.

My Little Ballerina

Compared to Jovan’s piano lesson, Jocelle’s Creative Ballet class went on more smoothly..

Hubby decided that we should buy her the cardigan instead of letting her wear her thick, pink jacket.. We didn’t want to let her go without her jacket or cardigan cos the place is air conditioned.. Her leotard is so skimpy! Hee..


She was very happy to wear her cardigan which cost $35.. The staff did not give her the smallest size as she commented that she was ‘fleshy’.. Haha.. The next bigger size seemed ok although the sleeves were too long.. We just had to pull them up a little.. Look how happy she was posing for the camera!



Piano Teacher

Jovan went for his second piano lesson today.. I wanted to stay with him but Teacher Ina told me since it was his second lesson, I was not allowed to stay.. Was a bit worried that he might not be able to understand her accent so I told her my concern.. But she assured me that she would brief me about his performance after the lesson.. Guess she wanted to try one-to-one with him today..

Jovan seemed ok with it so I left him alone with the teacher, praying hard that he could understand her..

When we went back to pick him after his lesson, Teacher Ina had her brows furrowed when she told me that Jovan had problems remembering the number of beats for minim and crotchet.. She also told me about the homework for the week.. I hope I would be able to guide him! 😁

I expressed my view that it could be because he couldn’t understand her.. She then told me that I could actually enter the classroom 10-15min before the lesson ended to check on Jovan.. Why didn’t she tell me that earlier?

I asked Jovan about the lesson and he told me he couldn’t understand her.. I then feedback to the admin staff that I am (I still am) worried that he could not understand the teacher’s accent and since I could not stay with him during the lesson, I would not be able to help him at home.. She said I could actually stay with Jovan if I wanted but I told her Teacher Ina told me otherwise.. She suggested that maybe Teacher Ina wanted to try teaching him without assistance.. I then asked her if I could transfer Jovan to another class with another teacher..

She suggested that Jovan go to another class at 2pm.. I didn’t catch the teacher’s name but according to the staff, this teacher is very popular with young children and that she is from Eastern Europe.. I guess if she’s popular with young children, it means they can understand her..

So we decided to switch him to another teacher.. And that would mean that we would have a break between their enrichment classes… Hmm… Wonder how it would work out.. Guess we’ll just have to try for Jovan’s sake.. We’ll see if Jovan can understand the other teacher next week! Fingers crossed!

1st Birthday Party in 2013

The kids attended their first birthday party of the year yesterday at Happy Willows at Fushionpolis.. Jacelyn had planned for a combined birthday party for her daughter, Melanie, and her niece, Eden.

They had Berries in the morning first. Then hubby packed some noodles and brought them back for lunch while I met up with some ex-colleagues for lunch.. Didn’t want the kids to join us cos we wanted them to take a nap before the party at 4.30pm..

After my lunch appointment, I went back home to find the three of them taking their naps.. Envious cos I was sleepy too.. They soon woke up and started playing with their toys..

Soon after, we made our way to Fushionpolis.. The kids were very excited and right after wearing their socks, they went straight to the play area!

That’s good actually so I could catch up with Soot Mei and Choy Ying..

After a while, the staff there started ringing a bell to get the kids to gather in a room for some games..



The kids were able to sit quietly to listen to the instructions..

After the games, the kids went back to the play area.. Jovan and Jocelle spent some time at the toys area too..

The place was spacious and there’s also some snacks and drinks available for sale..


The staff soon started ringing the bell again and gathered the kids into another room for the cake cutting session..

There were 2 cakes – one for each birthday girl.. Hello Kitty theme!





The kids were then served with some pasta and pizza..



They didn’t finish their food but went back to the play area again.. Although the party was supposed to end at 6.30pm, the kids were reluctant to leave.. In the end, we left at about 7pm..

Thanks, Jacelyn for inviting us! The kids had loads of fun!! πŸ™‚

Jovan’s first musical keyboard

Finally found a keyboard for Jovan..

In the previous post, I mentioned that hubby’s trip to Expo to get the $98 Casio keyboard was in vain.. I thought since we couldn’t get a new and cheap one, maybe we should find a second hand one since we don’t know whether his interest in learning piano would diminish.. Hee.. It’s also definitely too early to invest in a piano..

I asked through Facebook for a second hand one and got a reply within hours, I think.. That’s the power of FB!

An ex-colleague actually replied and offered to sell me hers for $100.. She said it’s hardly used.. We got the keyboard from her tonight and set it up quickly.. Jovan was excited to try out his new toy but we didn’t allow him to do so since it was quite late when we reached home..

Hopefully, we can get him to practise tomorrow if there’s time.. πŸ™‚


Busy Enrichment Day

We had a really busy day today..

Actually, it didn’t start off as a busy day as the kids woke up close to 9am.. Jovan came into our room first to ask for breakfast.. Hubby was still sound asleep then.. We reached home very late last night as we had gone to my niece’s 21st birthday at Aranda Country Club.. Fortunately, we showered the kids before we made our way back as they fell asleep on our way back…

Hubby had a can of Red Bull to keep himself awake on long drive back… The consequence was he couldn’t sleep when he reached home.. He ended up watching tv shows till about 3am..

He had to drag himself out of bed to join us for breakfast.. After doing some chores (I baked some cupcakes while he fixed a fan), we went out for lunch at Harbourfront.. We reached there slightly after 2.. After lunch, we still had some time before Jovan’s first piano lesson which started at 3.15pm so we visited the washroom first.. Then, I went in with him while hubby brought Jocelle back for her nap..

Jovan finally met Teacher Ina at about 3.20pm.. He was actually quite excited about his lesson while we were waiting for Teacher Ina to end her lesson before his..
Took some photos while Teacher Ina went out to get the books for him..20130106-225046.jpg20130106-225052.jpg20130106-225057.jpg
The books cost $31 in total..
Teacher Ina had a Japanese accent so Jovan didn’t seem to be able to understand her very well.. I’m glad I could stay with him so I could help to rephrase what Teacher Ina said and help him along.. She was very nice and encouraging and she used colour pencils to help Jovan identify the keys and notes.. I was very attentive as all those notes and keys were alien to me too.. I had to listen carefully so I could revise with him at home.. The teacher held his fingers to help him too..20130106-225457.jpg
Jovan initially told me that it was difficult but at some points he seemed to be enjoying himself.. He was able to remember the number of counts for semibreve, minim and crotchet as well as the C, D, E, F and G keys with the colour-coding method.. However, after about 40min, he came to me and told me he was tired.. Although Teacher Ina seemed eager to carry on, I told her we would continue next week since he was tired..

When we went out of the room, we saw hubby with Jocelle.. She was already in her leotard and ready for her Creative Ballet lesson which was from 4-4.45pm.. Hubby told me she only took a very short nap on the way back home.. She was very excited to see me too! I thought of getting her a pair of ballet shoes as the pair that Wendy passed me seemed a little too big for her but I realized that that was the smallest size they had too.. Good that I didn’t have to spend more money.. Hee..

After helping her put on her shoes, I went in with her to observe the lesson.. She didn’t cling on to me.. Instead, she readily joined the other 3 girls already in the class and lay down flat on her tummy like the rest..20130106-230208.jpg20130106-230213.jpg20130106-230218.jpg

I didn’t stay for long as she seemed to be very comfortable without me around.. I told her I’d bring Jovan for his art class first before coming to pick her up later.. That’s it, no protest from her.. She’s really very independent!

After that, it’s a mad rush to bring Jovan to his art class which started at 4.30pm.. Dropped him off quickly before we made our way back to Harbourfront to pick Jocelle.. We were late again and she was the only one left in the room! But she was happily entertaining herself in front of the mirror and ran excitedly to me when she saw me.. She told me how happy she was as I led her to the car.. I thought she really enjoyed herself.. However, she started crying when I put her in the car and told me that she wanted to change her ballet class.. Didn’t really understand what she meant cos I thought she enjoyed the lesson..

After we reached home, I gave her some milk and tried to probe to find out why she was crying.. She finally told daddy that someone in the class hit her during the lesson although I’m not sure if it was really true.. Anyway, she still told me that she wanted to attend the dance class next week.. Hmm.. Guess the outburst earlier was due to her lack of sleep?

I washed up some stuff while Jocelle rested in her room, admiring the photos I took of her during her dance class, and before we knew it, it was time to pick Jovan up..

We reached there punctually at about 6pm and saw Harold and Abbie at the car park.. When we reached Denise’s place, Jocelle was very excited to go in! Guess she was happy to see the familiar faces.. She went straight into the room to play with Becky and Ashley.. Think she missed them.. πŸ™‚

The younger kids drew pandas during the lesson while Jin Ming drew a library scene..

Can you guess which one was done by Jovan? Hee..

We chatted for a while while the kids played with one another.. Denise gave each of them a lollipop and Jovan started badgering us to let him eat it.. Sigh.. Had to give in to him even though it was very close to dinner time..

We stopped by West Coast Plaza to pack some subs from Subway before we proceeded to my parents’ place.. Soon, the kids became quiet and I realized that they had dozed off…


They must be very tired after the lessons.. I guess it’s also because Jocelle only took a very short nap while Jovan didn’t take any at all.. Hmm.. Bad planning on our side.. Guess we’ll need to factor in some nap time for them next time..

After dinner, hubby actually drove all the way to expo as he had seen an ad that a Casio keyboard was selling at $98.. We thought we should get one so Jovan could practice at home.. It was the last day of the offer but I tried to discourage him as he had had a long and tiring day ferrying us to and fro.. I failed…. What’s worse was that it was a wasted trip as it was sold out… Sigh… He told me the journey to and fro expo was actually 50km! Guess hubby was the one who was most exhausted today.. We need to improve on our logistics next week!