Annual X’mas Gathering

22 December was the original date we were supposed to have our annual Christmas gathering.. That was what we decided on our Christmas Eve gathering in 2011..

We had to change the date to 30 Dec this year due to the busy schedules of everyone.. Everyone seemed to have other commitments on different dates.. However, Abbie, Stephanie as well as Grace and their families couldn’t make it in the end so there were only 4 families who could make it to the gathering this year…

This year, we had the gathering at the Lau’s place.. They have shifted to the place for about 2-3 years but most of the others have not been there before.. We were late as we had to attend hubby’s colleague’s housewarming.. Her EM is HUGE! 3 bedrooms plus a loft! Love the place!

We reached the Lau’s place at around 2 plus and the Chew family as well as Pauline and her princess were already there.. Poor Dennis had to work so he couldn’t join us.. The kids had some food before they joined some of their friends in the room  while the men and some of the kids were having fun playing Wii in the living room… The ladies happily chatted at the dining area since the kids were all occupied.. We always have lots to talk about and Brenda is forever the live of the group! Too bad we didn’t have the full force again.. Hopefully, all will be available next year!

The kids were super excited when it was time to exchange the gifts.. Some couldn’t wait to rip open the wrappers to see what they got.. Fortunately, before they could do that, we took the chance to take some photos..

Happily posing with the gifts!

Happily posing with the gifts!

When the kids reached home, they had a happy time ripping the wrappers apart to find out what they got!

Happy kids with their gifts!

Happy kids with their gifts!

The kiddos would like to say thank you to the Auntie Abbie, Uncle Harold, Auntie Brenda, Uncle Adrian, Auntie Pauline, Uncle Dennis, Auntie Soot Mei and Uncle Johnson for the wonderful gifts as well as all the children (Ashley, Ayden, Cephas, Celestiel, Gwyneth, Shannon and Kayden) for being such wonderful playmates.. 

We’ll meet again real soon!