Enrichment for the kids

Jovan has been attending enrichment classes at his ccc.. We signed him up for Chinese and English Speech and Drama, swimming and KinderArt class.. Other than that, he has been attending Chinese enrichment at Berries.. He has also started attending another art class with Mei Mei since last October..

Next year, Jovan will continue with Berries but we’ve transferred him to the one at The ARC.. This time, Mei Mei will be attending classes with him at the same time slot! 🙂

Today, we finally signed the kids up for Creative Ballet (for Jocelle) and Piano (for Jovan)!

We’ll let Jocelle try for one term and Jovan one month before we decide if they should carry on..

To cut down on expenses, we have decided not to let Jovan carry on with the KinderArt programme at his ccc while Jocelle would have to give up her art class with Jovan on Sundays..

We still have to source for a cheap leotard for Jocelle as the one sold by the school (refer to photo) cost $150!