Christmas Eve Movie Date and Parties!

We had a busy day this Christmas eve!

First, we sent the kids to the ccc for their Christmas party.. They had a gift exchange just before we picked them up at about 12.30pm.. Jovan got 2 Mega bubble sticks from Caleb Lim and Jocelle got a pair of Tigger slippers from Aaria..

After we picked the kids from the ccc, we met up with the Chew, Tan and Lau family for lunch before our movie date.. The kids were stuck at the play court for a while before we managed to move them to Food Republic for lunch..

It’s difficult to ‘herd’ the 8 kids as they were all very excited to play with each other and they were also distracted by almost everything! When we got to the cinema, the kids were running around like they had just been released from captivity! Haha.. It’s also a challenge to take a proper group photo of them!

The show Wreck-it Ralph was so so only and some of the adults, including me, actually dozed off during the show.. Haha.. Jocelle was very restless throughout the show.. After the show, we let the kids play at the play court again while hubby went to collect a log cake..

We then proceeded to my parents’ place for a Christmas party.. We had a great time feasting and chatting and the kids were showered with many gifts!

On behalf of the kids, we would like to thank all the cousins, uncles and aunties for the lovely gifts! Merry Christmas!!



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