Farm Hopping day!

Went farm hopping with the Chew family and the Tan family today.. Soot Mei and family couldn’t join us today but Pauline and her princess, Gwyneth came along too..

We first met up at Qian Hu at about 9 plus.. We were slightly late but still managed to reach there before 10.. The kids were happy to see their friends and Jocelle was very happy to see Uncle Harold.. She told me Uncle Harold is her friend..

After looking around at the various types of fishes, we went to the Agro-Education centre.. Cephas wanted to have a fish spa so Adrian granted his wish.. It cost $10 for a 30min session for adults and $5 for kids.. Think it’s quite cheap cos I saw a shop at Harbourfront charging $10 for a 10min session! Cephas had a great time getting the fish nibbling at his dead skin.. Haha.. Jovan asked to try so daddy wanted to grant him his wish too.. However, my timid son chickened out and ran off without trying.. In the end, we managed to persuade Harold to give it a try.. He commented that his feet felt smoother after the session.. Hee.. Look at how the men enjoyed the experience..


The guys enjoying their ‘pedicure’!

The rest of the children entertained themselves by throwing fish food into the koi pond..


The kids having fun feeding the fish!

We spent quite some time at Qian Hu before we moved on to Hay Dairies.. We wanted to watch the milking of goats which was scheduled at 11am.. But we reached the place around 11.30am so we missed the fun.. Maybe we should be earlier next time.. 😦


We didn’t manage to catch the goat milking session.. 😦
It’s ok, let’s just pose with the goats in the background!

We let the kids try some goat milk as we chill out there.. Jocelle tried the plain, white milk while Jovan tried the chocolate one.. I tried a sip of both but I don’t really like it.. It cost $2 per bottle and according to the bottle, goat milk is more digestible and more nutritious than cow’s milk.. Jocelle finished the entire bottle but Jovan didn’t.. Think he finished about 3/4 of a bottle.. Guess he didn’t like it a lot too..


Jocelle: Nice!
Jovan: It’s so so only..

After chatting for a while there, we moved on to Bollywood Veggies for our lunch.. We took up 2 tables and ordered a Warrior Platter plus a dish of stir-fried spinach for each table.. The Warrior Platter cost $40 and the spinach cost $11.. It was a very filling meal and we couldn’t finish everything.. The kids were each given a bucket, a spade and a rake after the meal! What a nice surprise for them!


Warrior Platter!

After lunch, we walked around in the farm to look at the different plants..



The kids even took photos with the scarecrow there..


We’re not afraid of the scarecrow!

The mosquitoes loved me and gave me several souvenirs.. Luckily the kids had mosquito patches and were spared from the mosquito bites.. It was very hot there so after a while, we retreated to the restaurant.. We chatted for a while and discussed about where to go after that.. Since it was very hot and the kids seemed tired, we went our separate ways.. Jovan kept asking to go to the beach so he could play with his new toy but as it was drizzling on our way back, we managed to convince the kids to go back for a dip in the bathtub instead.. Hee.. They actually enjoyed that very much! =)