Road Trip to KL-Malacca (Final part)

On the final day of our trip, we decided to sleep late and have our breakfast in the room.. However, I woke up quite early at around 7 plus.. The kids also woke up around 8 plus.. We had some chocolate cakes for breakfast before the kids had their final dip in the bathtub..

We met up with the rest at the lobby at about 10.30am.. Harold had been ‘volunteered’ by Brenda to do some research on how to get to the Desaru Fruit Farm as well as the weather there as he was the only one who brought his laptop along.. Haha.. Next time, he should leave his laptop at home.. He found out that the weather was not very good there so we decided to abort our plans to go to Desaru for our durian feast.. Abbie should be glad to know that.. Haha..

Johnson suggested that we drive to another Peranakan restaurant – Little Nonya.. We had a filling lunch there before we proceeded to take the river cruise.. Think it cost RM15 for adults and RM7 for children.. I guess the view along the river would be better in the evening although it was still interesting for the kids.. We even saw 2 monitor lizards along the way!

Jovan was holding his gun throughout the ride, trying to ‘shoot down enemies’! Haha.. It was rather hot but the ride was quite long.. Maybe around 20min?

After the cruise, it started to drizzle so we decided to take the trishaw back to our cars since they were quite some distance away.. It was hard work for the cyclists, but we didn’t have enough umbrellas and it was difficult to walk back in the rain with 8 kids in tow.. We paid RM25 per trishaw.. Not easy money as our cyclist actually dismounted to push the trishaw at one point! I felt so bad! He was very professional as he gave us a commentary along the way.. He even offered to take a group photo for us but we declined cos of the weather..

The Chew family went back first while the rest of us drove back together… We decided to have dinner together at West Coast..

Overall, the trip was fun, especially for the kids.. Jovan and Jocelle kept asking for their friends even after we reached home! I hope they’ll develop their friendship just like how their mummies did.. Looking forward to the next gathering on 31st Dec and many more to come!