Road Trip to KL-Malacca ( Part 3-Malacca)

On day 3 of our trip, we decided to set off for Malacca after breakfast.. We met at the lobby at about 10am to make our way to our 2nd destination – Malacca..

We reached the hotel at about 2.30pm and by then, this was what happened to the swords we bought the kids.. Haha…

Jovan was very upset but I tried to pacify him and tell him that we’ll try to get him another sword.. The rooms were not ready so we all left our stuff at Johnson’s room cos he was the only one who had a room..

We then went to the Mong Kok Cafe at the nearby mall for lunch.. As we were walking to the restaurant, Jovan was holding hands with Ashley so I took a few photos of them..

It was about 4pm after we had lunch.. After that, we decided to split up and shop around at the mall before we meet up at the hotel lobby at 5pm.

We walked around a bit but I was not in the mood to shop with the two kids tagging along.. There were some events happening where in atrium but they were not very suitable for my kids so I suggested to hubby that we could bring the kids for a swim in the hotel pool…

As we were making our way back to the hotel, we realized that all our stuff are in Johnson’s room! Haha.. We had no choice but to stop by some kiddy rides for the kids to entertain themselves.. After a while, we saw Abbie and family.. And finally, Soot Mei and family joined us.. We then made our way back to the hotel to get our rooms so the kids could have a dip in the pool..

And when we got our room, we realized that our room was bigger than the others again! Lucky us again! Hee.. Look at how spacious the room was!
The kids got ready at lightning speed cos they were very eager to swim! However, when we reached the pool together with Soot Mei, Shannon and Kayden, we realized that the water was freezing cold! Within 10min, we got the kids out of the pool,and told them they could continue their ‘swim’ back in the hotel room bathtub.. Haha.. It was warm and comfy for them!

We rested in the hotel room until it was about dinner time.. Then we met up with the rest and proceeded to Jonker Walk.. We had our dinner at Peranakan Restaurant and decided we should have some group photos taken..


It was so difficult to take photos with 8 kids! There would be at least one of them who seemed to be looking everywhere but the camera! Haha..

Some background info: We 4 ladies have been friends since 1999 and our hubbies were all born in the year of the Dragon.. We all have a prince and a princess each and this is the first time we’re travelling together!

Love the group photos!

After dinner, we brought them to Hotel Puri to see the swallows and their nests… I’ve stayed at this hotel in my previous trips to Malacca.. Very authentic Peranakan feel..

We then took a walk in Jonker Walk.. Johnson bought Kayden a gun and Jovan kept asking for one.. We eventually got one for him at RM10..

Finally, we ended our walk and decided to head back to the hotel.. As we were all too tired to take the long walk back with kids in tow, we decided to take the trishaw.. They quoted us RM15 for the trip but we ended up paying RM20 as we did not have the exact amount.. Actually, it’s quite tiring job for the cyclist so we didn’t mind paying more…

We let the kids bathe in the bathtub again and called it a day..

Oh.. Before we could do that, the gun we bought stopped working.. It didn’t last an hour.. Hubby tried to pull the trigger and the gun became ‘soundless’ and ‘lightless’… Sigh.. Took me a long time to pacify Jovan that we’d get new batteries the next day to get the gun working again.. Sigh.. Hubby should be banned from holding anything that requires electricity to work!