Road Trip to KL-Malacca (Part 2-Kidzania)

This was actually the highlight of the trip – A trip to Kidzania, an indoor theme park where kids role play in different occupations and earn some ‘money’..

We purchased the tickets online as we heard that there’s a quota for each session.. Being kiasu parents, we decided to play safe.. Haha.. We thought we could cut down on the time spent on queueing but we were wrong.. We bought tickets for the first session which was from 10am to 3pm.. We thought they kids could try out many occupations in that 5 hours.. We were wrong again.. Sigh..

We gathered at the hotel lobby at 9.30am after we had our breakfast and set off to Kidzania.. We were definitely not the earliest.. The Q for those who had purchased the tickets was longer than the walk-in Q.. The locals pay less than foreigners.. Sometimes I really wonder why our government does not take care of us like those in other countries.. Many countries actually sell theme park tickets at a cheaper rate for the locals..

Anyway, we were told to cash out the 50 Kidzos cheques at the CIMB bank inside after they put on an electronic tag for each of us.. The tags were useful in case the kids were separated from us.. They were supposed to help us pick out the photos taken but that didn’t work for us…

There was an opening performance but we didn’t concentrate on that cos I wanted Jovan to try out the Flight Simulator.. However, by the time we located the place, the queue was already very long.. We then decided to let the kids try out any of the occupations in the hospital.. The wait was definitely more than 40min long! It was a really long wait and Jocelle was too young to be a nurse so I had to bring her to the school to while away some time while her brother became a nurse at the Nursery and learnt to bathe a ‘baby’…

After that, we wanted to bring Jovan to the Fire Station but the queue was too long! We went to the Police Station to queue but after queueing for a while, we decided to move on to something which had a shorter queue.. We also wanted to find something that both Jocelle and Ayden (the youngest ones in the group) could do.. We went to the construction site where the kids could lay bricks and paint.. The queue looked short but still, the kids had to queue for more than 40min for their turn to lay bricks… The staff there really took his own sweet time….. Sigh.. The kids couldn’t paint as the site was under maintenance.. Sigh..

Anyway, the kids looked so cute in the helmets.. One of their hands was always holding their helmet as they struggled to lay the bricks.. It was a funny sight…

Meanwhile, Abbie was queueing at the supermarket so that Ashley could try out being a cashier.. By the time the kids were done at the construction site, we went to the supermarket as it was almost our turn.. The kids could choose to be a cashier or a shopper but there could only be 2 cashiers each time.. There was a girl queueing before Ashley so Jovan couldn’t be a cashier.. However, Jovan wanted to be a cashier so Ashley sweetly gave up her chance for Jovan… But we still had to wait…. Jocelle started whining and asking for milk while we were waiting and Harold kindly volunteered to bring her and Ayden to the playground.. The Tans are just so nice!! I then went to buy some fish balls for Jovan and hubby.. By the time, it was Jovan’s turn, he was eating his first fish ball and he didn’t want to enter the supermarket.. Sigh.. Look at his grouchy face…

Anyway, he still had fun, I think.. Thankfully, there was an older boy who was assigned to help him scan the items..

Jovan then asked to be a policeman so we went to queue at the Police Station.. Again, we waited for quite long.. I went to check on Jocelle while Abbie helped me queue with Jovan.. Ashley was not well so she didn’t join Jovan this time..

The kids didn’t have time to try out any other occupations so we counted the Kidzos they earned and went to the shop to ‘purchase’ whatever we could with the 142 Kidzos they had.. They could only afford to buy some paste-on tattoos at 100 Kidzos! This was the only thing we could buy and the kids could share.. We then made our way back to the hotel after we stopped by a cafe to have our very late lunch..

Jovan kept asking for the blue sword he saw the previous day so we decided to buy it for him.. Jocelle got to choose one too! We then went back to the hotel room to rest for a while before dinner..

We went to the mall opposite the hotel to shop and Brenda spotted something interesting.. We just had to spend RM80 for our princesses to have a makeover photoshoot! I was rather keen until I realized that Jocelle was too short for the makeover.. The gowns were too long for her.. She started crying in disappointment when she realized that she couldn’t be a princess.. Poor thing.. I had to buy a packet of marshmallows to pacify her..

Celestiel and Shannon went for the makeover after their mummies made the minimum purchases.. Both looked gorgeous!! The process was very elaborate and long.. Think they spend about an hour each at the makeover.. I think it’s very worth it.. Too bad my princess couldn’t try it… But I’m sure there’ll be plenty of opportunities in future!

We were all very tired cos of the long waiting time and Jocelle kept asking to be carried.. Harold had to carry Ayden most of the time too so I think we badly needed a massage!

We wanted to go for a massage session after our dinner and Johnson kindly volunteered to mind the kids while we go for our massage session… But too bad, all the slots at the spa centre in the hotel were fully booked for the night so I had to settle for a warm bath in the bathtub… Better than nothing…


Road trip to KL-Malacca (Part 1)

Went on a short trip to Malaysia with the Chew family, Lau family and Tan family from 13-17 Dec..

4 families, 4 cars, 8 adults, 8 kids, a wonderful road trip!

We met at about 9.30am at the Bird Park before we made our way to KL… Mr Chew led the way with the help of his GPS and 4 walkie talkies.. We had a lunch break at Ayer Keroh KFC before we carried on with our journey..

When we finally reached the hotel, we realized that we were at the wrong place.. Fortunately, the correct hotel is just a short distance away.. The names of the hotels were very similar..

Anyway, after we checked in, we went to our respective rooms to take a breather before we met up with the other families for a short walk in the mall before our dinner..

I commented to hubby that our room was quite nice.. There was a bathtub as well as a shower area.. The bedroom was also separated from the living area by a sliding door and there were 2 TV sets.. There was also a small dining area near the door..

It was only when I met up with the rest did I realize that our room seemed different from the rest as there were no bathtubs in the other room.. So I decided that I would check if I had booked a different room from the rest later…

We shopped around and a blue sword caught Jovan’s eyes.. We tried to distract him and managed to carry on with our window shopping..

We went on to have dinner at Bubba Gump which was having a promotion – Kids dine free with every main dish ordered! The kids had a spaghetti kids meal each while hubby and I had fish and chips and a vegetarian mushroom burger respectively.. It was a very filling dinner… burp!

The Chews went back soon after dinner as the Chew kids sleep very early, around 8.30pm?

The rest of us brought the kids to a small playground in the mall for them to exercise.. They also spent some time driving some battery-operated cars and motorcycles.. It cost RM10 for a 5min ride..

We decided to call it a day at about 9 plus although we let the kids ‘swim’ in the bathtub for a while before we made them sleep.. They need to be up early for Kidzania the next day!

Oh yes, and we realised that we had been upgraded from Studio Deluxe-King to an Executive Suite! Lucky us!