Adventure Cove Waterpark!

While the kids were in school, the adults went out to play!

We actually saw the Adventure Cove Waterpark at RWS, Sentosa, on our cable car ride last Saturday.. I have heard about the place but didn’t think of going there until I saw how exciting the rides were.. I actually saw a ride which moves you upwards instead of downwards!

20121211-172442.jpg View from the cable car!

We sent the kids to the ccc on Monday before we drove into Sentosa to park in the Beach car park. Then, we took the Sentosa Express to the Waterfront station before we walked quite a distance to the entrance of the park. The entrance fee of $29 includes a $5 meal voucher and a $5 discount voucher to watch the show Incanto.. The meal voucher is useful but I’m not so sure about the discount voucher to watch Incanto.. Think you can get greater discounts to the show with various credit cards? Anyway, we entered the park around 11 plus and got changed quickly so we could try out all the rides.. We rented a small locker for $10 a day.. The bigger one cost $20 per day.. It’s similar to those in USS which could be reopened multiple times per rental.. There were quite a number of surveillance cameras and staff around the lockers so I guess it’s quite safe to leave your valuables there..

There were not many people around, maybe cos it’s a weekday.. and they were mainly tourists, I think..

We first drifted slowly on a float on the Adventure River to Bluwater Bay.. Didn’t enter the wave pool since there are wave pools in many other pools or water theme parks.. Instead, we went to try out the supposedly most thrilling ride – Riptide Rocket – which is a hydro-magnetic coaster which had fun drops and climbs! The queue was not very long so it was ok.. The ride was exciting! There were 3 plunging drops followed by a rapid climb after each plunge.. It was exhilarating! We then went to try out other rides that include the Pipeline Plunge, Tidal Twister, Dueling Racer, Spiral Washout and Whirlpool Washout.. All the rides were fun but they could not beat Riptide Rocket!

We even went to snorkel in the Rainbow Reef! However, the water was so cold that I couldn’t really admire the supposedly 20,000 fishes underwater as I couldn’t wait to get out of the water!

We decided to go for lunch after we had tried all the rides but we first proceeded to Splashworks to try out the challenges.. There was the Tight Rope which I failed to conquer.. Sigh.. My feet hurt a lot as I tried to move on the rope while holding on to another and I had problems balancing.. Bleah! Tried out another similar challenge but this time, I could hold on to a network of ropes instead of one so it was easier.. However, my feet still hurt! The last challenge we tried was to jump into the water at a height.. Chicken feed! Hee.. But I have enough sense to hold my nose as I jumped down to prevent water from entering my nose.. Hee Hee..

We finally had our lunch at about 2pm.. While eating, we noticed dark clouds in the sky and with some whistling from the lifeguards, we concluded that there was a lightning alert and all rides were suspended.. We thought it would be good for us to rest for a while before the rides resumed operation..

We actually managed to have a short nap before we decided to try out all the rides one more time!

The queue at the Riptide Rocket was not very long so we managed to try it again! Really fun! We tried out Pipeline Plunge before we queued for Tidal Twister.. We were about to go for our turn at Tidal Twister when the staff told us that they received another lightning alert and had to suspend the ride again! Argh! No choice! We had to go.. We decided that we should call it a day since it was already close to 4.30pm..

It was a really fun day and I think it would be worth it to get the annual pass at $88 when the kids are older! No point bringing them here now.. They are too young for everything except a playground for the kids.. To pay $20 for that, I don’t think it’s worth it.. for now. 🙂


My Princess is going diaperless?!

I’ve started to get Jocelle to wear panties instead of diapers to the ccc since last week.. We still packed diapers in her bag so she could sleep with her diapers during nap time..

There had been a few accidents but I thought we should carry on to encourage her since she had been able to tell us when she needed to visit the washroom..

Met Choy Ying last week and she told me that her daughter, Chloe, is already diaperless when she’s awake..

This morning, I reminded Jocelle that she should inform her teacher if she needs to use the toilet.. Told her she’s a big girl and she should behave like a big girl and not wet her Dora (she wears Dora panties..)

Apparently, the reminder worked! When we picked her up from the ccc today, Teacher Su told us that Jocelle didn’t wet herself today! She went to the washroom rather frequently though! Haha.. Anyway, it’s just the first day.. We’ll see if she can keep up the good work! Fingers crossed!