Angry Bird Cable Car ride!

The kids had been bugging us to bring them on a ride on the Angry Bird cable car as we always drive past Harbourfront.. Finally decided to bring them for a ride.. Look how happy they were!
There’s no more activities like colouring, nail painting or Angry Bird games anymore.. But the kids did not seem to mind.. They were more interested in the cable car.. We got free Angry Bird water bottles though for the family package we bought.. $55 for 2 adults and 1 child.. It’s FOC for Jocelle.. 🙂




Milo Tiramisu for breakfast!

Made a milo tiramisu yesterday and had it for breakfast today.. The kids loved it and asked for second helpings.. Substituted coffee with milo although there’s some kahlua or coffee liquor in the cheese.. Hee.. Not too sweet this time! 🙂