Hello Kitty Town!

Brought the kids to the latest family theme park in Malaysia – Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.. RM110 per pax above 4 years old to enter both parks.. Try to get a local to buy the tix for you at the local rate or just buy the tix for one.. They don’t really check your tix after you enter the 1st park..

The Hello Kitty Town is rather small and should be covered with 2 hours, depending on the waiting time at each station.. There are about 7 stations including Nail Station, Cookie Decoration Station, Jewellery Making Station, Dress Up Station, Hello Kitty House and one more which I can’t remember cos we didn’t go there..

The rides there are quite kiddish so they may appeal to the younger kids.. There are however several playgrounds that kids of different ages may enjoy..

There’s no annual pass for the 2 parks which is quite logical since they are quite small and most won’t want to go for a second visit.. Hee.. Unless you try out the tips which would help you save quite a bit… :p


Activity Card!


Inside Hello Kitty’s House!


Look at my pink nails! =)


Jewellery Making station.. Not much choice so chose this Lipstick pendant…


This Hello Kitty plush is even bigger than me!


Do I look like a ballerina?


Cookie decoration station!


This is the cute cookie I’m supposed to decorate…


I’m more interested in eating it! Hee hee..


Look! I collected a bagful of balls from the playground!


Gor Gor gave me this Hello Kitty cookie!


We had fun!


Visits to Legoland

If you have been reading my blog from Multiply, you know that I’ve not updated my blog since September.. Been very busy.. and now that Multiply has announced that it will stop supporting its social networking features, I have no choice but to move on.. I hope WordPress will never stop supporting bloggers or I will have to move on to another platform again.. hmm.. Anyway, my first post here will be something short and sweet about Legoland.. 

This is a backdated post.. Long overdue update about our visits to Legoland.. We have been there thrice in two months..

Just to share some pictures we took there..Image

The kids riding a camel..


Jovan spotted Spidey! What sharp eyes he has.. =)


Help! Jocelle has been eaten by the lion!


This is the only ride I can take.. Boring.. =(


Driving a car is definitely more interesting than riding a train! 

We bought annual passes as the place is too big for us to cover in one day.. Didn’t do my research so bought the tickets from Sistic on impulse.. $115 for adults and $88 for Jovan.. It’s free for children below 3 so Jocelle does not have to pay to enter.. Reasonable cos she can’t play on most of the rides due to the minimum height requirements..

We realized that you can save a lot by printing a voucher to get a 30% discount for the day pass if you are a Toys R Us Member.. After which, if you decide to convert your day pass to an annual pass, you just need to top up RM100.. So, that’s quite a it of savings for a family of 4! Blame me for being impulsive.. Anyway, since I have already paid more than I should have, I should try to frequent it to get my money’s worth! I am planning to go again this Thursday since the park is closed for maintenance on Wednesdays.. This time, without the kids, so we both can enjoy the more exciting rides! hee hee…