Angry Bird Space @ Changi Airport

Brought the kids to T3 to find out more about the Angry Bird Space activities for children.. We had to spend $60 to participate in the Angry Bird Workshop so we decided to get milk powder for Jocelle since it’s the most practical thing to spend on.. We decided to get 2 tins of Friso 3 which cost $64.50 per tin so both would have a chance to participate in the workshop..

I asked to split the receipt when paying for the milk powder but the kind cashier at NTUC thought we wanted to redeem the angry bird plush and advised that we should combine the receipt as we need to spend $120 in one single receipt for the redemption of a plush.. Listened to her without checking things out.. Then when I found out that we could only redeem one workshop with one receipt, I got so upset with the kind lady! No choice, had to let the kids share one board for their workshop.. Luckily there were 2 boxes for the kids to fix and both didn’t have to fight over the activities..

In the end, we did redeem the green pig plush.. But since we could only redeem 1 plush, we had to get the kids to share the plush.. Hmm.. Maybe should visit the airport again to buy 2 more tins of milk powder to redeem a different plush next time.. :p

Anyway, we ventured around again as the kids want to take the sky train.. We then found some photographers who were taking photos for free.. The photos were animated with Angry Birds flying around and we just had to wait for 48 hours before we could view the photos online and download them… It’s either the cameras that they used were not very good or the young photographers were too inexperienced as they photos didn’t turn out too well.. But, hey, it’s free, you know?? Hee..


Happy Jovan!


Jocelle chose the red Angry Bird..




Let’s shoot down the pigs!


Daddy, support me!

Click on the links below the photos to see the animated versions..


Can you see the Angry Bird on my shoulder?


One more time!


My turn!