Kids Amaze@Jurong Safra

Brought the kids to the Kidz Amaze at Jurong Safra with some of my colleagues and their children.. The kids initially played on their own with the accompaniment of their daddy while I chitchatted with my colleagues.. Daddy was a little under the weather but automatically went with the kids into the playground.. Guess he felt out of place cos all my colleagues were female.. Thanks, dear!!

I was spared the torture of shadowing the kids up and down the challenging playground.. But only for a while.. Soon Jovan came and dragged me into the playground.. Had to maneuver my adult body through the various parts of the playground only to come to a yellow tube slide at the top.. No way out unless we move back down the small ‘openings’ where we moved up from.. Slides – who’s afraid of slides? My son actually.. He didn’t want to go down on his own so I thought I could side down with him on my lap.. Bad move.. We zoomed down so fast, I couldn’t react when I felt my left elbow burning as we slid down.. Tried to move my elbow away from the sides of the tube but to no avail.. By the time we reached the ground, both of us felt the burning sensation.. The skin on our left elbow was burnt! Jovan kept saying, ‘So pain, so pain!” Poor thing, it must have been very painful for him.. He couldn’t shower without crying for the next 2 days!


The culprit!

Anyway, lesson learnt! Will only take the slide alone if I ever go there again.. And I will definitely keep my elbows away from the sides of the slide to avoid hurting myself.. Oh yes, I would not let the kids try that slide again until they’re much older!


Group photo before we leave for desserts!


Group photo at the entrance, before we leave!


Happy 8th Anniversary!


Family portrait that cost $30..

Celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary at MBS.. Brought the kids to the must-go pool in Singapore – The Infinity Pool.. Kids had lots of fun and I really enjoyed the time there.. Thank you, dear!


Cheers~ First dip in the Infinity Pool!


So tired that she fell asleep before dinner..


Colouring while daddy and mummy enjoy their breakfast…


Yeah! Going for our 2nd dip!


Yeah! We’re at the Infinity Pool again!