Roller Skating Fun

Bought roller skates for the kids together with all the necessary gear.. Both kids were excited about wearing the helmet.. Maybe cos they were not aware of how difficult it would be..


Wee! Helmet and guards all on! We’ll put on the skates downstairs!

They were initially very excited when we put on the gear on them..


But once they start to move on the skates, they realized it was not going to be a breeze for them to move on the skates.. Daddy and mummy had to guide them along, hold their hands and showering them with encouraging “You can do it!”, “Yes, good job!”, “Well done!”.

After less than half an hour, both kids raised their white flags and requested for the skates to be removed.. They then went on to play at the playground.. haha..

It’s ok, we’ll go slow and I’m sure they will get the hang of it soon.. =)