Jocelle the ‘Mean’ Reporter

When we picked the kids from the ccc today, Jocelle reported, “Mummy! Just now Gor Gor naughty!”

After checking with the teachers, I found out that Jovan had gone to the bathroom to brush his teeth again after he took his shower. Teacher Cheryl said he’s not afraid of Teacher Eunice so he probably disobeyed her and went into the bathroom without her permission..

Talked to Jovan and warned him not to misbehave again.

Me: I’ll check with Teacher Eunice tmr, if she says you are naughty, you can’t play with the toys and I’ll make you sit at the naughty corner, ok?
Jov: Ok, I good boy, I can play with toys.
Me: Yes, if you’re naughty, you can’t play with the toys..
Joc: Mummy, Gor Gor cannot drink milk..
Me: Oh, Gor Gor cannot drink milk if he’s naughty?
Joc: (nodding her head) Mmm.

What a ‘mean’ sister she is! Haha..