My Little Terror

When we picked up the kids from NurtureStars yesterday, the principal, Ms Esther, told us Jocelle cried when she was reprimanded by Teacher Eunice for ‘drawing’ on the class tables with crayons.. When she was caught in action, Jovan was actually staring at her in shock.. Sigh.. I guess she’s showing her true colours to the teachers there..

At dinnertime, Jocelle again messed up the place by spitting and throwing her food all over the place.. Daddy was very angry and as suggested by Jovan, he decided to make Jocelle sit at the naughty corner.. Did it help?? Hmm.. I don’t think so cos she didn’t sit at the corner quietly reflecting abt her behavior.. Instead, she was crying all the while as daddy was trying to explain to her abt why her behavior was inappropriate.. When daddy was finally satisfied or should I say when he finally gave up and asked her to drink her milk, she went into the bedroom, exclaimed,”Yeah!!” and was all smiles again.. Sigh.. What should I do with my fearless princess??