Jocelle is 18 months old!

My darling daughter just turned 18 month old today.. She’s supposed to take her final scheduled vaccination today but we brought her to see Dr Chan yesterday as Jovan was coughing rather badly.. We made an appointment at 8.15 pm but we were there pretty early, thinking that we may be slotted in between the patients.. Sigh.. It wasn’t meant to be.. Haha.. We waited till abt 9pm before we went in.. To keep them occupied, they were each given a pen and a piece of paper to entertain themselves.. Jovan got a piece of tissue paper while Jocelle had a pamphlet.. I only brought along 2 pens and Jocelle had to use the red one.. Haha.. 


She weighed 9.9kg and her height was 74cm.. Still below the 50th percentile.. Hmm.. She cried for a while after each of the 2 jabs administered but stopped after a while.. Still thinks she’s a brave and thick-skinned girl.. Hee..

Jovan was given an antibiotic, different set of medicine for his cough and we had to rent a machine so we could nebulise him at home.. My poor boy! I hope he’ll recover from his bad cough soon!


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