Jovan@3 years old

This is a belated post.. Should hv updated this when he’s 3 years old.. My darling boy is now 3 years and 1 month old.. He has learnt many things from the Childcare centre as well as from Berries..

He has learnt how to put on his clothes himself and he is able to go diaperless when he’s awake.. We’ve tried to let him take afternoon naps without wearing his diapers and we thought he could control his bladder during his naps too.. Last week, I asked the teachers at the centre to let him take his nap without his diapers and at the end of the week, 边老师 feedback that he did not wet himself for 2 consecutive days so we did not have to pack any diapers in his bag this week.. But alas! He wet himself during his naptime yesterday and today.. Hmm.. So it’s back to diapers during naps.. Sigh.. Hopefully, he’ll be able to go diaperless soon!

Since we started sending him to Berries in March, he is more willing to converse in Mandarin.. We also got him to recite some poems in Chinese.. We don’t really revise what he has learnt in school every day as we couldn’t find the time to do so.. However, we try to revise with him whenever we can.. To us, it’s more important that he enjoys his childhood.. So no pressure.. yet.. Hee..