Lights Out

Just started to get Jovan to sleep earlier as I realized that he has been sleeping very little for a 3 year old boy..

It all started last weekend when we had a busy weekend celebrating my darling boy’s 3rd birthday.. Yes, I have been a mother for 3 years! Time really flies past too quickly! Ok, back to the topic.. Jovan was so tired after the few long days that he had difficulty waking up in the morning on Monday.. Hubby is wearing a splint cos of his tendonitis so he couldn’t carry Jovan.. Usually, I’ll carry Jocelle to the car in the morning while hubby is in charge of carrying Jovan.. For the next few weeks, we have to wake Jovan up and get him to walk on his own.. I feel so bad that we had to wake him up so early in the morning because of our working hours.. This is when I realized he had not been getting enough sleep.

Usually, we reach home at about 8 plus in the evening.. I’ll usually start doing some housekeeping and take a shower while my 2 darlings occupy themselves in their toys room.. By the time I’m done, it’ll be about 9 plus.. I’ll bring them into the bedroom where I will watch tv while drying my hair.. The 2 of them will be jumping around or drinking milk.. I usually let them have the freedom of moving around till they are tired enough to fall asleep.. Jovan will usually sleep at about 10 plus while Jocelle will sleep way past 11.. Considering that we wake Jovan up at about 7 every morning, he is only getting about 11 hours of sleep each day if we include about 2 hours of afternoon nap.. That is definitely not enough ya? I have to do something! Haha..

So on Monday evening, when we reached home, I brought the kids into our bedroom and switched off the lights before 9.. I started reading some stories to the 2 kids with the help of a small torch.. Jovan fell asleep at about 9.40pm but Jocelle still tossed and turned till about 10 plus.. That’s an improvement, I think.. I’ll keep trying to get them to sleep earlier so that they’ll get enough sleep.. I hope it is still not too late to help them cultivate a habit of sleeping and waking early!